No Sex Atall With Wife

For last about 15-17 years I have not got enough sex with my wife. More particularly for last 9-10 years I had no sex with wife. I am a 'Geminian' and my sex drive is bound to be high. But my wife has a very LOW sex drive. She used to sleep with me in my bed but just as cold as ICE. Even when I would try to touch her she would turn on other side and asleep fast. I tried every way but to no avail. Her frigid attitude has caused my 'man ego' and 'manly feelings' hurt to a great extent. She is not even prepared to take a treatment. She even doesn't like my simple touching her what to talk about hugging or kissing even !! Now for last 2-3 years we are sleeping separately in different rooms. So I am not having sex with my wife atall.

One of my she friends has good 'drive' and allows and encourages me to have sex with her. But it can happen 'once in blue moon' only. Can any one help me to find solution to my problem? Will it be OK if I satisfy my 'drive' with my friend ?
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go for it with the other women if you wife does not take care of you as is her job to . find it with some one that will.

Divorce your frigid wife and find a loving partner.<br />
What you have is not a marriage.<br />
You have a platonic relationship with someone who wants to share the bills or for you to pay them. <br />
I`m sorry but a prostitute is more honest than your wife. You are worth more than that!<br />
Just tell her if she wont go to counseling to understand your needs you will have to call it quits or if you don`t want to do that tell her you want an open marriage.<br />
Good luck.

I m not in a total agreement with u. I can't accept comparison of my wife with any body else, AND IN NO CASE WITH A PROSTITUTE... please be clear... . She is not allowing me sex but she is still very caring for me and my children. SO no question of divorcing her. What I desire is some freedom and some comfort of sex with friends. I hope u all pray the Almighty for that... a..n..d... wish me goood luck...!

I wish you Luck but I stand by with what I said.
I didn't say she was a bad mother or not a caring women in some respects but you do not have a marriage.
A marriage is when both try to bring happiness into each others lives. Sometimes with a little sacrifice.
A sexless non intimate union is called friendship
Thats what you have.

I think its ok when your wife is denying you, its not right for anyone to go with out, i am single right now and am a lil picky about who i sleep with so its my fault i dont get alot of sex, but Good lord if i was with someone and they couldnt or didnt want to give me some release i would find it else where, with or with out premission I hope when i do get with someone again they will want it as much as I do Good Luck with the wife and get your release when you can you deserve it