My First Dry Hump

Not sure this story belongs here, but I can't find a group for this. Maybe we need one...

I hadn't thought about this in a long time until today (thanks to someone.....).

My first dry hump was with a girl I dated in high school, we were 16. I was kissing her goodbye in front of her house, in the broad daylight. I was leaning back against my truck, and she leaned into me with her pelvis, right up against my hard on. She started barely grinding me, imperceptible to the outside world, I thought anyway.

Anyway, my young **** had never experienced that before. Coupled with the deep french kissing, I came right there in my pants. I didn't mention it, but she must have felt it. She went into her house with a smile, and I drove home with wet drawers.

I love that memory.
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10 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Walked in on a mate dry humping his girlfriend many years ago and got horny myself and had to go relieve myself in the loo. Then I got a girlfriend that would dry hump me against my car or anything else. We made love quite a few time but that was not so easy to find the place. These days, I dry hump anything to relieve myself, especially when I am wearing a diaper.

I'll never forget the day I first made a boy ***. At 14 I didnt really understand what we were doing, well I did some of!! But it was fantastic I had so much power over him. And yes i went home and ***********. God to be young again... I wish

lol every time I read things like this I think "Why didn't I know girls like that??"<br />
<br />
or more probably, "Why didn't I ever get that close to the girls I knew???"

*stays quiet lest she get more ideas*

OoOoOoooo...he doesn't like this....a good sign....

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come :(

Hmmmm....i've been thinking about it a lot lately...there is nothing more exciting than teasing a men into ******* without letting you have you...or in a place where you can't have him...

DC that's the impression we get from your avatar ;)

Nice nice nice :))

I'll bet she *********** as soon as she could that day! Seriously.