I Lost My Feelings Who Can Get Them Back to Me?

My ex-husband and I broke up long time ago.And he left me alone with lots of pain.He took my feelings with him.I really loved him deep inside me. now I can not love anybody.I am also afraid of loving someone.I not only lost my feelings but also my beliefs:(I've started to hate boys.I think that  all of them are the same,whenever any of them try to be my darling  I feel that he will break my heart so I close all my doors,but I want to feel love not afraid.And also do not know how to get away from this thoughts.I want to know CAN I LOVE AGA─░N?

emilya86 emilya86
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 5, 2007

Today I feel better:)as you yas everthing is okey now.Thank you:))

Short answer: yes. You will love again. And you are now smarter and wiser--because you can feel the pain from your last mistake. Relationships are NOT fantasies come true. They come and go when we are young and we want to BELIEVE THE 'HAPPILY EVER AFTER.' The day is coming when you will look back and still feel some unpleasantness---but it will not be pain, or crippling emotions. It will just be a memory where you learned.How to get over this person--hey, IDENTIFY, BOTTLE AND SELL YOUR SOLUTION BECAUSE THAT IS OUR HUMAN HEART'S holy grail. THE CUP OF CONTENTMENT AND PEACE WITH NO MORE STRUGGLES. eVEN THAT H O L Y G R A I L was used only once.<br />
so the answer must come from a REAL answer from you : who are you inside? I don't mean who do you show yourself to be, to others. Who is the tiny little voice of your being that always tells, but as self0directed humans--we just don't always listen. <br />
<br />
Bottom line: My heart was broken on my 17th birthday, and i have NEVER GENUINELY GOTTEN OVER IT-- but it wasn't the 17th birthday---it was my expectation that i needed to be like everyone else to '...be myself...' how contradictory is that. please let me know, if nothing else, how you are doing. m...