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i have been married twice and i have two kids from each marrriage.  the last kid from each i have had all by myself.  my first husband was lazy and melo and could not quit cheating.  i threwq him out a week before i had my 2nd baby  he did come to the hospital but he brought his girlfriend with him ( one of my old friends from high school).  we do not get along and he runs from childsupport obligations.  my 2nd husbnand is loud and obnoxious  he has to control everything   but he learned it from his mother so i let it go...... until he recently started beating me... when i was 9 months pregnant.  so now he is in jail and i have 4 kids by my self trying to figure out whats next.... another divorce.... or more beatings when he returns

sabrinaastro sabrinaastro
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

wow sorry to hear that... A man that hits women isnt a man!!!

I am glad that you called the cops on him when he started beating you. Divorce is easier and better than living with abuse, and teaching your kids the abuse is okay.