36 Years and Now What

My husband of 36 years is obsessed with cars.  This is not the first time, when the children were young I begged him to stop because of the cost of this hobby, so he did. 

About 10 years ago, children grown at this time, he visited the doctor because he was not feeling well.  The diagnosis was he had heart disease and diabetes.  He began to become depressed, so I suggested he begin working and racing his cars again.  Well, I guess I have no one to blame, but myself.  Since then that is all he does.  He spends hours on the Internet discussing cars, while I sit watching TV.  He has exhausted our funds, and my 401K.  My fault I guess I allowed it.

When we celebrated Xmas this year with the kids and grandchildren, as we were opening gifts, he received a phone call from someone regarding cars. Went in the other room to take the call. We were done by the time he returned. I was soooooo angry with him and he couldn't understand why.  I will never forgive him for putting cars before his family, especially during a holiday. Come to find out, it was not even about one of his cars, it was about his brother-in-laws cars.

I suggest we go for a walk and he is too tired.  I suggest we go to a movie and he says there is nothing he wants to see.

If there is a car show, he is up and ready to go in a flash, yes I do go with him.  I guess I am the fool, but I love him.

We hardly ever talk anymore. Seems like the only time he converses with me he wants something.

I am very unhappy and have no idea what to do....

Zoie Zoie
1 Response Apr 13, 2008

he may havee aspergers try reading about it on the net