I Am Weary of Being Unhappy.

I work, and I work some more.  My husband ignores me, my friends don't call anymore because I am always working, and I feel lonely and isolated even though I am surrounded by people all day long.  I feel frightened that I will never be happy again.  I hope tomorrow is better.  I am so tired of being empty.
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51-55, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2007

Lady, I am in the same shoe. I am unmarried. But I am tied up wz my work only. No friends likes me, my parents ignore and my loved one left me alone. I can never have happy life either to be with someone...I realized myself. I am being alone and born by this way.. So... Don't worry you won't be alone anymore. I will be here to be your friend...keep in touch..

Ah loneliness,it seems like it is the most popular of all human delimnas.I think if we feel contentment for what we have at the moment,the little things that bring us joy,then when we,re alone we may not feel so lonely.We may need to change our circumstances,and we,ll then change our situation,but sometimes I think the choice is so hard to make.

I remember half of my life was gone because I had been focusing on my career.
After that I can't move back and return, keep going..till today. I feel that I need a change, not sure where to start. Trying to move on but feel so badly because life is not balanced due to my aim to become today/. People / Friends think I am the happiest and complete person among them, in fact I am not happy where I am and what I am. I really need a change for my life,,,