My Life Sucks

everyday for the past 2 years iv been doing  nothing but fighting wit my dad and my mom stands up for him most the time  i cant stand how im always grounded i always feel like i want to kill myself but i just think of my boyfriend and i dont other wise i would have iv cut my self many many times be for and i got help it didnt  work  i feel like somtimes my brothers get away with  everything  and i get yelled at for everything my dad told always says im a **** up and other **** ....... i dont know what to do anymore cuz  im grounded today  for nothing at all and its my boyfriends birthday and i cnt see him can someone atlease say my parents are ******  up besides me and my friends cause all my friends see it tooo ,....

hatinqlif3 hatinqlif3
Oct 19, 2009