Friends And Pics

I was adding almost everyone that sent me a request. Some people are rude and dont deserve to be added. Sorry about that for the nice people, but i had to remove all the pics of my wife and put only pics without her face... I had two pictures with her face showing, but got too many rude messages.. Hopefully that will change and then i will re-upload some with her face.
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I hate when ******* ruin a good thing. Sorry about your experience.

I've done the same thing--quit adding people, removed a lot of friends, taken off the racier stories and pics. I still get rude requests. If I have a smart *** reply for them, they continue writing. Urg.

It's a shame people can be so rude some times sorry to hear that

I would like to be added please. Thanks

That is so off and I would remove them from your circle and bloke them . No one needs people like that . would love to chat and maybe share pics . Feel free to check me out and happy to answer any queries .

I hope you removed them from your circle? That's crazy.

I know.

Would like to see and comment.

Sorry to hear that. Some people are ******** and should keep their comments to themselves if they just want to be rude!

Sorry to hear about the rudeness

clearly you are one of the rude mannered people you are moaning about ignorant too .

It's amazing how rude & crass so many people can be. Compliments are one thing, but rudeness is another. I have never commented in the negative on anyone's page unless they made it clear that's what they were looking for.

some people just don;t know how to respect another person,

Thats to bad some people just don't know how to enjoy a good thing when they get it and then ruin it for all. Sad

ouch that sucks dude, but I feel you thats why all of mine are faceless too

Sorry you had a holes on here ruin things for you. Some people are just thier own worst enemies here. Lol home you have better times soon. :)

There are always those who have no idea how badly they are behaving and how rude they are being, but they really don't care about anything but themselves. Hope u can feel comfortable enough to post the photos u want to post in the future. Be more selective about who you add.

I am afraid in every walk of life you get the idiots ,best to just ignore them hopefully they will crawl back under the rock they came from .Its such a pity when the minority spoil things for the majority .

Your wife has a lovely face...would you add me?

That's not cool

Great advice on the responses, I hope the rude people leave or are kicked out so the rest of us can enjoy the beautiful wives that are here. Thanks for your post this will help me with my circle choices

Yep, I always try to be respectful of the poster.

Hopefully you start getting what your looking for. I wish people would start understanding that if you dont have something nice to say, then shut the hellup!

wish u add me

i'm sorry for your misfortune, i hope that that will change, i'd love to be the first to address your wife's pics with some nice comments

That really sucks,a few ******** have to ruin something fun, sorry u had that experience. Your wife looks hot, nice photo!

Thank you everyone, yeah. I was adding almost everyone, once i get only real friends, nice people left, i will post more.

I agree with these folks, its a gift to be able to see someone else's lovely wife, and most of us really appreciate seeing, and also appreciate reading your experiences..

If your profile picture is of your wife I must say that she is beautiful and to those who post rude comments are just jealous that they don't have such a lovely to call their own

I like what joe833a said: It's a privilege...

He so nailed it. I come here and read stories people have posted to experience their honesty and courage. During our day to day lives everyone is wearing this facade of little white lies and cliches. I come here to get past all see beneath the veneer and sometimes learn a little something about myself in the process. I really hope that a few idiots didn't ruin it for the rest of us.

Love to see her

It is daring.. for true. I love hearing others thoughts. I also love making comments. The exchange is fully stimulating.. Look at the, "recent activity", to discover names.. who just looks,
and who really remarks. Just thoughts.

I don't blame you. I removed a couple guys who just thought their **** didn't stink also. It's a privilege for guys to see dirty pics of your wife and they need to appreciate that. We each have our own way of doing things or being turned on, and if it doesn't match the person your befriending with , then just move on and let them be who they are, without posting insulting comments.

There is not a reason to be rude when admiering a pritty woman.