What Is Going On?

It has been 4 1/2 years....   I gained 70 lbs from my first child. I lost 40 of them the 1st year.... Now I have essentially been stuck at my current weight...

Earlier in 2006 I lost the weight. but it was only temporary... I have no clue what happened. All of the sudden the weight came BACK!

Ive done weight watchers (it has gotten to the points where I just pay them to say I've tried it, because I dont go anymore - I am too ashamed that I didn't behave myself the previous week.  Ive tried the gym.  That worked for the first 2 months, then I just got so busy at work I didnt ever get a chance to go...

I ve tried Tae Bo, Pilates.... All the methods I used before to lose the weight... But I just cant stick with it...

It is like I feel more miserable DOING it than I do at the weight I am.

I constantly look at other woman that are obviously heavier than I am, but they still look fabulous... I just now figured out why! All of them have big boobs, to match their bodies and their butts are relatively smaller.

My *** is big and OUT there.  I dont mean wide or long, but it literally sticks out there. so much so, when my son is on my back he sits on it... and I have no boobs, my son sucked them dry when I was breast feeding.

I have considered going in for surgery but 1) It is expensive 2) How long will I be out of commission and unable to work 3) I want to have more kids and I am not sure if the surgeries will mess with that (ie tummy tuck, and breast augmentation with regards to breast feeding)

Not sure what to do... AT this point, I am at a cross roads and even considered going to a fat camp, but my fiance laughed at me and said the people there would hate me and wonder why Im there.

Im not ridiculously overweight, but I am overweight and I HATE it.... I desperately want to wear a bikini, but even when I lost the weight, the extra skin on my belly was still too unsightly to go that route.  

Perhaps I'll nix the whole 2nd child thing and just get my tubes tied and my stomack flattened.... Perhaps I'll be happier... I mean I could always adopt... 

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