I Don't Want to Be Different

I never try to be someone else or try to deny my feelings, in spite sometimes I don't now how to express them. I don’t follow standard and I don't want to be or act what the society expects of me. If people love me, then they have to accept the real me, there is not another one.

Life is special, individual and non-transferable. If I don't live my life intensely and let others tell me how I must live, then I have pleased others, but not myself.  And it would also means that I have stopped living my way and stopped running after my happiness and my realizations.

If I pretend what I am not, then I have said yes to all and have given a big no to my life, I would have lived the wishes of other people and forgot to live the unicity of my dreams.

I can only be myself and I am responsible for my own actions! I don't want my life to depend on one person or more, because only I know what can make me happy! Just being myself...


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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I really admire you for this and being true to yourself. It is so easy to be led and do things to make others happy. I wish i was more like this in the past. All power tp you. great post.

well said-- thank you very much

You are definitely in touch with the true reality ... keep being true to yourself ... it's serving you well :) ...

Great story TP! I am complately agree with you. Thanks for sharing :) Hugs*

very well said!<br />
to why self be true.