A Lot Of Change For Me Right Now.

I am at a crossroads...I was married too young to the wrong guy, because I got pregnant. He was not much of a good husband, and we were never right for each other. I was terrified of leaving and going out in the world on my own, although I had a wonderful support system of my own family and friends. Over the several years of marriage, I grew up a little and found personal happiness as an individual. This improved our marriage to where we were both content. I recently met someone I used to know years ago, but were never friends at that time. It turns out that we hit it off sooo extremely well, and I hope to be great friends for life, at the very least. He inspires me the way he lives his life, and me meeting him again has become the trigger for me to make change in my own life. I told my husband I wanted to separate, though he is being extremely stubborn about it. Also, I have nothing to show for myself as far as a career goes, and I was considering the military reserves to pay for my college, or maybe I'd just get financial assistance. I know it will be very difficult to go to school and work full time. My only problem is I don't know what to go school for. I want to be practical, but my passion is dance. Maybe I can do something I somewhat enjoy, and dance as a hobby. I just don't want to waste my time or money going back to school and then end up quitting or not pursuing it afterwards, as I have as history of that. So I'm wondering now....if I should go to be with my husband where he is now, a few hours away, for the kids (he will have the kids). Should I stay in my town with my support system and go to school and work here....Should I go into the reserves, get away for a while, have some new experiences...good and bad, and have them pay for my college. Or go to a local college and go to school and work full time...I am trying to listen to my heart and intuition, but the only things it's telling me right now is to not be with my husband anymore. I know my future will be brighter...I just hope not to waste any more time living. Thanks in advance for any advice.
tinydancer81 tinydancer81
26-30, F
Jul 9, 2010