An Angel In Orange

Last night I experienced a moment life changing. I posted my story "a lot of change for me right now" only yesterday. I had many questions that I couldn't answer, one of which was a career path. My friends and I had a girl's night last night and went out dancing. It was just the same as the countless other times we went out dancing. This time, however, we stayed til closing and they played a classic swing song. From out of the blue, a handsome man in an orange shirt grabbed me and proceeded to spin and twirl me around the dance floor. He was very talented and strong. I was left breathless, and a sort of euphoria washed over me that lingered for quite a while. Very soon thereafter, I realized that dance was indeed my true passion, and I would not be able to pursue it if I decided to enlist, not for quite some time anyway. But life is too short to deny your soul of such a feeling. I have decided to go to school locally and pursue dance regularly and actively in my spare time. I will make this my priority. And if I knew I could somehow make a career out of it, I would. But step one, learn. And step two, make some money to pursue it more. And step three, who knows...and that is the greatest step...crawling out of my box and jumping out, not knowing where I'll land, but trusting that it will be a much better place than where I was before.
tinydancer81 tinydancer81
26-30, F
Jul 10, 2010