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Recently, while having a rare conversation with my wife that I love very much I suggested that she “Go within”. I did not realize the importance of what I was saying. Heloise was talking about her interest in healing with the aid of crystals and her intention of practicing this type of therapy. She seemed to think that the power came from the stones; I on the other hand, said “the power comes from within.

We eventually agreed that the crystals are the tools the therapist will use to create the right mood and the power comes from within. Music and light were also important to the whole process.

I am motivated to explore the power within because there are many questions about the Soul, and how to get there. I am convinced that we are the temple of God. The soul is the essence of God; that is how the holy men claim that we are created in the image and likeness of God. When we the physical body dies; the body will eventually turn to dust and the soul will reunite with God, as one. The soul never separates from God. God is the very life in each cell. God is life: God is everything. Every living human is the vehicle in which the soul will take the journey of life. God lives in every cell in our bodies. Once you become aware that God accompanies you wherever you find yourself, your communication with the real true living God is going to be a lot easier.

When I first met Heloise I realized that most rules did not apply to her; she naturally ignored every rule in the book and continued her life as quite a rebel. This quality often took her off the track that she seemed to get so naturally. Heloise had a lot of similarities to small children so innocent in all the terrible things that she tried. It did however have its own set of problems. Even without much education Heloise is one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

Every time she does something that is really out of the norm, she will quickly tell you she has a mind of her own and not to interfere with what she does. This is when she goes wrong; if there is something that is wrong; she loses touch with the soul within.
I have had the privilege of loving her and observing her and have grown a lot wiser just being with her.

Heloise has been the artist that has painted the picture of my life; she has opened my eyes and led me to so many realizations. I came to see that I need not to follow my mind but to follow the soul, each time I follow my mind I will judge harshly and even get violent, if I followed my mind. The soul is where my real strength and wisdom lies; and every time I use my mind without the soul I make all the mistakes. When I think I am hard done by I will definitely make my next terrible mistake. The mind has this effect.

So I am of the opinion that the mind is the culprit of all unhappiness in my life. Now that I’m missing her; I have a terrible conflict going on in my mind. At least I am aware of the destruction of the mind. I will now surrender, let the soul take over.
I have decided on this fundamental change for I seem to go round and round ending up in the same old uncomfortable place.

Uncomfortable? Yes! And thank goodness for I have known for a long time that when I am comfortable I do nothing to change any thing. When I am hungry (uncomfortable) then I eat; if I did not get hungry I would most probably starve. Solutions are created when you are uncomfortable. Evolution is the natural result of beings, being uncomfortable, it is the source of all inventions, it is the source of creation.

I have now become uncomfortable with the idea that the living God lives in me, in each and every cell and I have no communication with each individual cell in my body. You might have guessed, I suffer with asthma and I have done nothing about it for more than fifty years. Look where my thoughts are going; I’m thinking in the future everlasting life will become a reality.

Yes! Please pray for us; for all humanity we are living in exciting times.
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Most libraries carry his book and some carry the CD read by its author, Eckhart Tolle. I recommend finding a quiet place without disruption, pour a hot cup of Chai Tea, and follow along with his book as you listen. If you search for it on Youtube you'll find his 8th Chapter on Relationships. Life changing!

I recommend listening to "The Power of Now." Life changing!!

How, Where? I'm interested!

Your view of God coincides exactly with the esoteric view of Hinduism as found in"The Ten Principal Upanishads"

Mine is something like a cross between your view, and the Buddhist (essentially atheist).

It sounds as though you developed a deep and wonderful relationship with your wife.

I feel a kind of joy reading your descriptions, laced with a bubbling of humour.

An asthmatic friend of mine discovered an extraordinary improvement in her breathing through hatha yoga combined with pranayana breathing exercises.

BarryOne, Thank you for sharing your story. You said, "I have decided on this fundamental change for I seem to go round and round ending up in the same old uncomfortable place."

I think we all do this repetition of the same cycle in our lives, until like you said, "it becomes overbearingly uncomfortable" and we see the overwhelming need for change. When we are no longer willing to suffer the same consequence again.

I wish you the best in your journey. Please take care of your Asthma; it is not an illness to ignore, it can have severe repercussions.

Off the subject, but related, I would like to know how you feel about "cremation". If you care to share your opinion.

Take care of you.

Cremation! once the soul has left the body it has no further need for it! So i don't think,it would make much difference if you let time convert it to dust or if you cremate the body that the soul has left!

Hi Barryone.First i thank you for commenting on my story.This is an awesome story you share.I too am on my new journey and also initially have confuse feelings.God dwells within us when we invite HIM.HE will love us and give us wisdom.The Holy Spirit will help us too.I urge you to stay close to HIM.I am so happy now as i learned to rest in Jesus and receive HIS Amazing Grace.God Bless.

thank you! Let god guide us!

Go Within is exactly where I am headed for I have only scratched the surface. I am ready to take full responsibility and be aware of every thought and discover every emotion attached thereon. In order to change the world into a better place we must change ourselves, we have no control over others yet we can surely influence by taking control of ourselves because we are all connected. So I will go deeper within to more profoundly effect that which is without. Heart/Mind/Soul, the kingdom of God is within. Your post came from within, thank you for sharing. =>

My journey continues! a little confusing but i look to the future with hope! today there will be a new page! in the story of life!

Great story. I could understand and feel the things you described. It's always a revelation when we finally figure out just who we are and that we should be doing things differently, because then life becomes a bit easier. Listening to your inner voice is a lot like listening to God speak to you. You have to want to hear it and then you can accept those things that will improve your life. You want that and God wants that. If I may ask, you mentioned missing Heloise. Is she gone from your life? Please don't answer if you don't want to.

Yes we are separated at the moment..... I see her from time to time! I still love her! over the last 16 years we have been separated but never as long as this! My daughter thinks I should leave South Africa and go live with them in Australia!

thank you for caring! she is more comfortable where she is!

Barry - I really liked you "uncomfortable" thoughts. It really made me think about the "uncomfortable" times in my own life. Those were (and are) the instigators of change - and hopefully the better : )

I have had friends with a similar thought regarding "God lives within". But what brings peace to my heart is the recognition that God is an immortal person, looks like you and me, He has feelings and loves each and every person. But above all, he has a plan. He has not left us hear to flounder, or to float aimlessly in the wind. I believe that we, each and every person has a purpose to fulfill, given by God Himself. And that He has provided the tools we need to fulfill those purpose(s). All that is left is our own part. What WE have to do to make those purposes happen. And it is through prayer and faith in Him, that He will bless us with the knowledge we need to accomplish those purpose(s) and he'll help us hone our talents and abilities if we use them for Him.

OK - as I reread that, I have NO IDEA where that came from... Anyways, Barry, I really enjoyed your post. I think you have a lot of great things to say!!!

thank you!

Those words came from your heart and your mind. That's where mine come from anyway. I have thoughts about something that I'm thinking about or have read that I want to comment about. So I start writing/typing and while the first part will be about what's in my mind, it's not long before I have to read as I type because I have no idea what it is I'm saying. It always ends up correct however. Amazing isn't it?

Yes Pookiem, it really is amazing. This morning as I've been thinking about all of this, I realize even more how much our Heavenly Father knows and loves each and every one of His children. And when I say "children" I am referring to EVERYONE on this planet. Not just those who are searching, not just those who have found Him. He loves the lost. He loves the lonely. He even love the rebellious. He loves us unconditionally, even with our faults and flaws. But because of the perfect parent that He is, He is right now, and WILL always be there for us - the ball is in our court. We must reach and take the outstretched hand of our Brother Jesus who has already taught us and shown the way. Yet He will walk with us if we don't let go of His hand. Why? Because of love. Pure, True, Complete Love.

So very true.

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I read your story and find it most interesting. I found myself asking the inner me, a lot of questions. Going Within, eh! where are you at the moment with it!?

I love life! the more I live the happier I am and the closer to heaven!

Howzit Boet,

You have covered a lot of ground with your post. How you think of GOD is very similar to me.

With your asthma, there are many avenues to treat this condition. That it has been a long time will be harder or not?

I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, this one way to try. Or… the quantum way,

Includes breathing/meditation/qi gong/diet.

Or… visualization exercises also.

Your wife sounds just the right mate to grow old with.

(I grew up in Germiston)

Peace to you!

Funny thing! I also grew up in Germiston! thanks for advice!
tell me more!