I Use To Be A Worm But Now I Am A Butterfly I Changed Me!

I have found this statement to be true!
I can only change myself.
One time in life I use to feel like I could change others if I tried hard enough
stop people from their bad habits and poor manners.
Up until this past year I felt that I could move people in
compassion by allowing them to understand my pains and sufferings they cause
by their set ways. I was sadly mistaken and as I say
I have learned the hard way I cannot change other people
It doesnt make any difference who they are
if a person does not see within themselves to change or the power of God move
and show them, they will not change.
Children watch older love ones doing terriable things self destucting habbits and they want change for a child they sure want change for an adult.
I learn that the changing takes place in ME! Within me and my mind body and spirit.
I learn that my changing has to be to the point that I actually can live with others the way they are.This has become me and my 1# ambition change myself and not worry about others.
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
Jan 27, 2012