Opposites Attract?

When me and my boyfriend got together he never seemed to go clubbing although he did before we went out and if truth be told he thought he was a bit of a casanova and yes it took a while for me to be able to trust him fully because of his past but he has never cheated on me and i know that he wouldn't.
Recently he has been hanging out with this new guy from work and I feel pushed aside a little he goes down the pub and he is going out clubbing now with this guy from work and other girls. I have been with my boyfriend for 18 months and he has never been bothered about going out before and although i am not interested in going out with him clubbing because i hate all that and I hardly drink alcohol plus I would worry about him far too much.
He now wants me to go out clubbing with him too and is annoyed that I won't be going out with him on his 21st birthday I have no problem with him going out he is not the type of person who listens to people and he could never be controlled in fact i worry about telling him to stay in or say that I don't like him going out because he would just lie to me about where he was i know he will and yes i get paranoid and insecure but i try and act like i just don't care because it can make me so angry.
I do not like the type of girls on these nights out either most of them have boyfriends but go round holding my boyfriend's mates hand (he is single and comes across as a big player) how do i know if someone has come on to my boyfriend? he wouldn't tell me and this is why I don't want to go along I have never seen the big deal about going out and I see it as a waste of money.
Am i being too insecure and out of order or do I have reason to worry. I know that my boyfriend is flirty and work and he is always texting girl mates and ringing them up and it drives me nuts especially when i want to see him in the evenings and he is more concerned about going to this mates at ten oclock at night. Do i change me or do I have genuine reason for concern because I am CONFUUSEDDD :l
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thank you for your opinion. People change so much I hope that this is one big phase I wish i was someone who liked to go out a lot and socialise but I get very down and sometimes i almost feel like a recluse maybe I need to address this but i like my own time :/