It Takes A While To Find Your Path

I'm 21 years old and I realize now that I can change myself. I can only allow for people to hurt me. I can only allow others to turn be negative or into a bad person. I allow anything good or bad that happens to me. I've had negative attributes about myself that I have set out to change over the last couple of years. I think that as we get older we start to create that person that we always want to be. We can turn ourselves into whomever we want to be. One of my favorite quotes is that, "Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating yourself" Even if you have to start from the ground up we can all turn ourselves into better people in body, mind, soul, and spirit. We have the ability to change, to grow, and conquer anything that stands before us. We just have to be willing to give ourselves the opportunity to become the best people we can be. I want to be nothing more than me.
kjiggy03 kjiggy03
Jun 28, 2012