I dont know where the boundary is.. between letting someone in too fast, and being too cautious for too long. arent we all just bodies.. capable of loving anyone, based merely the amount of effort both parties are willing to give?
are we truly special in anyway? Is there such a thing as meant to be?
Staryap Staryap
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

We are infinite beings capable of anything we choose. We can love anyone, and loving oneself first is foremost. I'm learning right now that the biggest things to learn is how to receive. I find that there aren't many people that can receive from other people and its curious to watch. We are absolutely special and unique and if I think about it, meant to be is really a choice. You should look up the word vulnerable, its a curious thing to be vulnerable with someone, without expectation. Hope some of this helps.