To Send Or Not To Send

i found this letter and kind of took it for myself, and added my Ex's name to it, mine, and added experiences we had together. I wanted too get the message across I wanted to be friends.......But I was working on myself for myself not for him. And that I was finally over the past with him. I mean Not 100% but I wanted him to Not think he has so much control over me anymore. I just dont want too cause more discord between us as there always has been.... should I send him this email? It sort of calls him out on some things, and in others is mostly just blunt and straight forward, And does reiterate that Id love to get along and be friends. Just friends........ (we have a child together, So i can not jUst simply stop talking to him completly).

He does get mad over nothing, Should I or should I not? I feel like its eating away at me. Always afraid to say anything......
lookingformyheart lookingformyheart
26-30, F
Sep 12, 2012