That Is So True!

If you try to change someone else, it just won't work! If you want them to behave respectfully toward you, often what you get is great dislike, or even anger, directed at you.
I may never find a woman who will really be true to me. I never have yet. I just don't understand WHY one will say "I love you", and not mean it at's a complete mystery to me- I was always taught to "tell the truth!"; but I begin to believe that very few others were.....Just hurts a LOT to know that my honestly expressed feelings are so rare! SO RARE! Makes me truly feel like a fool, living in a world of dishonesty, where I can never know whether I will have a word of truth spoken to me, ever.....
GodsLovedMan GodsLovedMan
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Try widening your field took decades to find unconditional love. l found it in someone l thought was not for me! and l took the chance regardless of what people thought and l finally found happiness.

As I am a diagnosed Autistic, finding love PERIOD is nearly impossible for me, anyway. *deep sigh*

Must be so difficult.Take care.

Yes, it is! Thank you, and you, too.