Change Is Unthinkable

Do you know that feeling you have when everyone else can see how pathetic and self loathing you are except you?
Well I have had that feeling sometime this year actually and it was just well something to really put an eye on.

You cannot just go and think your at the highest point of every feat unless or until you actually are, can you imagine the controversies people actually discuss behind your back? It can be sickening as well as disgusting, you can't be a kid forever and when it's high time to grow up you have to take the step.

I can be completely outright honest and tell you that a person actually kick started the most needed and beneficial changes that were needed and here manifested is me, a person who knows who he is for the most part and is going through what we put in human language as Life.

Remember you will be a degenerate if you think you can judge yourself, no offense to anyone of you but that which I state is pure fact and shall nonetheless be realised by any soul who stops and starts to carry in the real perception which has been conceived.
Raloxier Raloxier
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

That's life.