Unrequited Love

Two years ago I fell in love. It was a strange happening. It was unlike those you see in the movies, or hear of on dating commercials. This was not a love that was obvious. It happened over a period of time. He was tall, handsome, funny, strong, kind, and he worked hard for what he had- not much, but that didn't matter. Although he possessed all of these wonderful qualities (and more) there was one, tiny, ridiculous quality I could not look past. So, from then on I refused to speak to him. For months I ignored him, rejected his phone calls and text messages, and I eventually told him to stay away from me. Now, two years later he is still all that I think of. I compare anyone and everything to him. I think of his birthday, his mothers house, his smell, his laugh. I can't listen to certain artists because they were his favorites. Even though I try to repair this relationship that I have ruined, he has moved on. What a terrible story to tell.
NorahLee NorahLee
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013