Being Better

Well, for the last year things been up and down for me. Losing my job, not being able to finish school and money issues I just feel as if I worked so hard to gain so little. As time start to go by realising I had to get myself out of pity. Day by day looking myself in the mirror to figer out how am I going to get a grasps on "my life". Come to find out that of course it was me whom gotten myself into the situations I'm in now by procrastination on things I know that needed to be done. Now that I have an Idea on how I will change, I will turn it into progress of doing! In life you have to own up to your faults and understand blaming others will get you no where. For the most part I am a positve young person and learning that life do not always go accordingly. :)
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Jan 21, 2013