An Evening With The Mennonites

A Mennonite contractor who was working on my parents' farm house last month had come in the house while my German husband was there. Language history and German dialects are sort of a specialty of my husband and he wanted to figure out what part of Germany the Mennonites were exemplifying in their local language.

We were invited to a get together of several large Mennonite families.  My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves.  He did, because he learned a lot about the local Mennonite dialect in German.  But I enjoyed it because of what I noticed about the Mennonites.  I have never met such a happy and peaceful group of people in my entire life.

Kind, surprisingly intellectual (they may not have television but they read Tolstoy and Kant), and welcoming.  What is it?  Is it their religion?  The strong sense of community?  The simplicity of their lives?

What if ---what I think is missing in my life, in my marriage, is not really what is missing in my life and in my marriage?

Not a day goes by since that evening last month, that I do not revisit the feeling, and the spirit of those Mennonites.  I want whatever it is that is bringing them such amazing inner peace.
EinEngel EinEngel 46-50, F 1 Response Jan 26, 2013

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God. :)

Maybe. Will try to bring Him into my life.