I Don't Get Why I Lie...

For some reason for the past year now, I have been constantly lying about my life to people.  It's like I want to make my life more interesting or something but I'm not sure why.  I don't have a boring life and I don't have a life that isn't one I wouldn't want.  I love my life but for some reason I have to lie about it to make it more interesting.  I find I'm starting to get caught in my lies so I don't know what to do now.  There is this little part of me that is desparate to come out and tell the truth but then there's the part of me that says don't do it because then I'll wind up with everyone just hating me.  My parents losing their trust in me and my friends just being disgusted with me.  I know I can only change myself and I really want to but I'm finding it really hard figuring out where to start.

Cole9876 Cole9876
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

You should stop lying right now, Don't lie no matter what. That has a big impact on how people will be looking at you throught your life. I'm guessing you are kind of young, I'm not sure, but things can be fogiven and or forgotten, But once you shown a lack of trust to someone, it is hard for that person to ever have the kind of relationship you could have had. You should come clean as best as you can without too much collareral damage. And let what you learned from this guide your every decision every day. Stop lying and prove yourselfe honorable.

Hi Cole -- it sounds like you may be ready to 'get real' with yourself, which is great. Asking yourself why you feel the need to impress others is a very good start. You will do much less damage to your relationships if you come clean earlier rather than later -- don't think you can pull this off indefinitely. Try asking those closest to you to help you with this, before it gets to be a huge problem and makes an even bigger mess in your life.