Didn't Find This Out Until Recently

I have several health problems (nothing major that I know of) which cause me constant pain. My kidneys are often painful, my uterus and ovaries throb daily, and my lower back is excruciatingly painful. I have lived with these ailments for years without medication or treatment, so I became somewhat immune to the pain, however it is always uncomfortable.
Recently my back was giving me extra trouble, and my mother happened to be at my house when this happened. She has a bad back too and so she has a prescription for a muscle relaxer. She offered me one and I took it, desperate for something to relax my back.
After the pill kicked in, I felt my muscles finally start to relax, and the pain seemed to melt away. It's only after I take something (pils or alcohol) that I am able to relax and my muscles can rest instead of staying in their permanent tense state.
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Thanks, Curious. I would love to get checked out but, as Hedge says, my finances are in terrible shape right now, and I just can't go to a doctor. <br />
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Hedge: I appreciate your concern. :) But I come from a family of addicts and alcoholics, and BELIEVE me, if I even feel myself START to depend on something, I get it as far away from me as I can. I definitely do NOT want to go down the same path many in my family have chosen.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2004- I always figured that was the cause of all the pain in my uterus and ovaries.