I No Longer Touch Him

He told me I could touch him forever, not just his physical being but his heart and soul. And I wanted to, and I did for a season but then he told me he longed to be touched by another; my touch was no longer the warmth he desired upon his skin, my touch was no longer the welcoming that his soul craved. He left me shredded and longing- he was not my soul mate as he claimed to be so I no longer touch him.
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When one is eternally loving, hopeful, romantic, and planning on soul mate relationship for life, it really hurts when one's mate turns cold and not longer wants to be loved and touched. It has happened to me three times now. Divorced twice at ten year anniversary and loveless marriage for last eight of current 22 year marriage. It is significant to me, that after 25 years of silence, my previous mate and I have reconnected as close friends by e-mail. On what would have been our 35th wedding anniversary, I sent pink roses - as we had had at our wedding. Am not sure what the future holds. Today, I have been really missing hugs and sleeping with my soul mate. I can understand and wish you well with feeling loved and hugged and being able to lavish one's mate with the same! Life is too short to keep on settling for less - don't you think?

Very poetic and touching (no pun intended).

A touch is a beautiful thing. It is to be cherished for we never know how long it will last.<br />
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Here? In front of everyone? *blush*

Cheer up friend. Every time has it's season. And as they say, this too shall pass. *BEAR HUG* <br />
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I would send you a gift but I'm hard up on EP tokens at the moment. I heard we might be facing an economic downturn here on EP soon. Saving all my tokens for a rainy day so to speak. <br />
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Smile. Tomorrow the sun shines anew.<br />
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Take care, love.<br />
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Thank you

beautiful words.

Thank you Zeus for your comments. I am not sure what I would be losing now.

a wonderful sharing. Melancholy about something in your past, does it reflect something you may be losing now?

Thanks hon.

No, it wasn't current. I am just feeling melancholy tonight.