...and I have many half finished canvases and ruined t-shirts to prove it.

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I just started painting last year, my family says that i have a gift cuz no one taught me. i was good the first time i painted and somehow got the attention of others when i was very young with my drawings. i use to want to be an artist, from third grade (that being when a teacher freaked out and saw how good i was) too high school, then i realized in order to be an artist, id have to have skills in other areas like computers, (if you want to be an accomplished artist). so i say to hell with it, its not something i "love" but my whole family is disappointed cuz i have a "gift" and i dont use it.. i dont do well with computers and other options would include very low pay and not allot of work, i would be a starving artist, now i want to be a make up artist and learn more about skin care.

I didn't say I do it well MAL.<br />
<br />
NS, I know you will sweetie.

I'm sorry to say, FG, but this doesn't proof that you can paint. It only says that you paint (sometimes)...

I don't include either on my resume... actually i do include my technical writing experience. I may have to start listing painting and pick up a few houses to paint. lol