I Can Indeed :)

I am only 16, 17 in a month. And can proudly say i pass for a 21 year old. I go clubbing and to bars and such and rarely got ID'd, older boys chat me up, if anyone asks me how old i am i automaticly say "i'm 18". But when ive made guys guess in the past they're like ermmm 21? then i say nope and they say ok, ok 22? Occasionly, just for a giggle, i lean over to them and wisper in there ear "16" they get prettyy damnn shocked!! I actually love it, i guess the excitment will werr off soon, and when im 18 i may be bored because i wil have been going to the same bars and clubs and what knot. But heeey im living for the moment, its a coooll :D:D

Peace x

sheshigh sheshigh
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

i wish i could have passed for 21 when i was 16. i'll be 21 next year and i still don't think i'll look that old. idk maybe it's just me cause my fake works at bars so it's whatever haha