Well... Kind Of.

One time I was on vacation, and I was at my relatives' house. It was really hot, and I was constantly thirst. I finally had the urge to pee, so I got up and went to their restroom.

I decided I wanted to try to pee standing up again, since I have done it many successful times before. I was wearing these whitish short (not short shorts) and I guess I forgot to lean forward far enough to avoid a mess.

I peed and I thought I did pretty well, then I zipped my shorts back up. Then I noticed my hands were somewhat wet, and there was this large area of urine on my pants. I was shocked, and I didn't want anyone to see me.

I knew from experience that any liquid on white took a long time to clean off, and since I was on vacation, I only had a couple of clothes. It would be auspicious if I changed in the late morning, so I positioned a fan at the end of the bed in the room I was staying in. I sat directly in front, sometimes trying to wipe the wetness away. After a couple hours (luckily I had a book) it still wasn't dry, and it was time to eat. I was SO embarrassed. So I just pulled down my t-shirt and ate like that, sometimes cupping my hands in my lap. No one found out at the time, either! Just before dinner, I went to the bathroom and took off my shorts, smelled it, and confirmed that it was still wet. It was damp even when I went to bed.

P.S. I didn't really have any pajamas (since the place was hot and I have long pajamas for cooler area), so I had to wear it to bed. I didn't pee in bed, but after the night, it still kind of smelled. O.o
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A woman peeing standing up takes skill and it fascinates me. Have you ever tried peeing in a urinal?

Yup. It's a bit more tricky than it sounds.

I bet but it definately makes things quicker when there is a long line for the ladies room haha!