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when i was 14 and had a 5.5 inch ****, i was able to get the hole head in my mouth, but it gets boring after you do it a lot, but when i was getting to be a pro at it, i came into my own mouth, i gargled it and looked in a mirror it was hot! later that night i went in my brothers room and sucked him off it was so amazing, than one night he must of known i did that because he took me to our garage and pulled don his pants and said suck, we had gay sex for 2 hours, we came 6 times all on each other and in eachothers mouth and ***, he would **** me while i sucked myself off, for about a year we did that, we would 69 and *** all night and we would shower together and makeout, one night i was sleeping on my stomach and he pulled down my pants and stuck his 7 inch **** in my ***, and he would make me put my moms panties and bra on (which was stuffed) and pretend i was a tranny and he would **** me, we would sometimes go in the walmart bathrooms and ****, and me and him would drive off alone and **** all night, we loved doing that, im married to a girl but we would still **** and suck to this day.
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Hey there.. I can definitely do what you were wanting to see; it took me a while but I can selfsuck.. and not just a lick on the tip... but its rock hard and I can get deeper on the shaft, the deepest when a beautiful woman is watching.. a few times i've swallowed about 5 of the 6.5 inches i have. PS You girls never tell us that ***** are that big when in your mouth! Its freakin hard to do...
But i love exploding *** in my mouth and swallowing ... its far better to finish that way after slurping on such a big hard **** for so long; now I know why my gf's get so flustered if they dont get to finish sucking it..
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i learned how at