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Only someone taking this seriously will ever be capable of accomplishing this feat in any way that could be considered enjoyable. The payoff is unprecedented pleasure, confidence, enhanced desirability, and much more. How could this huge claim be true? Read on, adventurous reader. (Being intrigued is normal.)
Be sure to hear when I say that sexuality with a partner is usually the most enjoyable for everyone. But everyone has times of just wanting to do "things" by themselves. That's what got me started on all this in the first place, when being self-sufficient, doing it in a more fulfilling way.
Most of my relationships have been very satisfying. But, a few girlfriends ago, I was with someone who we knew it wasn't going to last. She loved to go down on me, and some of the things she did blew my mind, and in a moment of ecstasy as I was watching her, I realized something. If I were able to do what she was doing myself, I would be able to change things to where would be even better. Also, to say it plainly, she liked having me in their mouth so much that I found myself contemplating what her feeling was like.
Recently, my girlfriend just returned from a weekend away. Her first comment to me was "Wow babe, you look a lot stronger." Now, I had been missing her, but I hadn't been missing everything she could do(because some of what she can do I can do myself). I'm now actually capable of ************ (with my mouth) almost as well as my best girlfriends have been able to. Doing (it) yourself can basically blow your mind because it takes so much attention, focus, and is so sexually stimulating all at the same time.
Back in The Day, I began making my first ridiculous attempts, and only ended up with a sore back and neck and penis. I realized that wasn't going to work out so I began doing some deep stretch yoga. That began teaching me some more mechanics of the body but at the same time I kept researching more. I researched massage, pilates, yoga. Then I experimented with mixing all these things, and kept trying for a year. Finally all my work came to a head (ha). I was on a couch, using the chair positions that are all now in “SuperMan Workout: Ultimate Body. Ultimate Pleasure.” I was performing autofellatio, and at the end, I had an experience of an ****** causing an intense, hyper-aware state-of-mind surrounding a few minutes before and after the ******. Before this, I had had many different sexual experiences with different partners and on my own, but this was something different, heightened, and basically, epic.
Since then, I've had quite a few different autofellatio experiences, many less satisfying or intense, but a handful or more which rivaled or exceeded anything that happened with a partner or with just vanilla ************.
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I first sucked myself at 14. I watched my sister blow her boyfriend. I didnt know that was how it was done. I was my first *******. I sucked myself everyday for prob 6 years. I could get entire head in my mouth and would lay there for an hour, doing what I now know is edging. I would *** a little and then stop. Prolonging it. When I did *** it was massive and watery. I sucked myself so much I can barely *** when my wife or someone else sucks me. But it was worth it. I sucked myself in study hall in the auditorium a bunch of times. That was great. I sucked myself 6 times in one day. Swallowed it all and made me sick. I left a huge crusty stain on the carpet in my room. My sisters college roommate saw the stain and said 'thats a lot of ***, you should get a girlffriend'. I talked a lot of guys into trying. All could a little. One was a spanish boyfriend of a dancer, he could. And loved it. He like me to suck him off more tho, so that most of the times.