But it has been a while since I last played. Best game I ever had was when I walked away with a $300 pot...


I however do not care for Texas Hold Em

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texas hold them to me is not about skill in the overall game but just how well you bluff ONLY. That to me is only half the game

I've played a bit, but only online. Usually Texas Hold'Em, although oddly enough one of my biggest winning sessions was in a game of 7-Stud.

Best hand I ever had was a nine and a king. I almost had black jack!! *teehee*

Now that is awesome... I wish I had been able to play a few games like that.<br />
<br />
I found the best place to play was when I worked at the airport and the mechanics had a game once a week in one of the basement offices... good money, bad pla<x>yers

The most satisfying hand I ever had was beating a guy who had 4 6's. He would raise, I would reraise, back and forth. Ended up with a little over 2 grand in the pot. By the way, I had 4 8's.

Damn almost a waste but at least you had that hand.<br />
<br />
best hand I ever got was a royal flush but I was a lot younger and I got the Jack on the draw and "lost" my poker face. The whole table folded...

Best hand I have ever gotten was 7 card stud. I had a queen high strait flush. The strait Was hidden, but the flush had f cards showing and no one could beat the flush. I was heart broken. Table stakes game.