I learned guitar playing for 3 years during secondary school.

I followed my best friend for the audition to get in music school. She wanted to learn to play the guitar and I wasn't intrested at all but she was afraid to go by herself. It is funny that by the end of the day I was applied she was not.
It was August so I quickly bought a cheap guitar and started the lessons in September.

I enjoyed all of the classes, performances and exams. I learned curriculum of 6 years in 3 years. I wish I had learned music from my early childhood.

I learned classical music and hungarian folkmusic aswell.

Unfortunetly I am so busy in the university and in my everyday life and I don't have time for practicing.
Some days I go through my favorite codes and songs and try to refresh my knowledge. But thats only enough for keeping me away for complete forget.

I hope in the nearly futura, maybe after graduation I will have more time and I can improve my playing skills again. :)
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I play wii