Can't Everybody?

I thought everyone had the ability to do this. Something I've always been able to do. I don't even think about's a natural expression for me. Hmm...think I may have to google this & do a lil research.
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4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

i can raise the two of them or one by one, and it is very cool to do it

I've got you one better. I can raise BOTH eyebrows. Pretty impressive, huh? :P

Very much so.

I have total control over both my eyebrows...more or less, I have full dynamic control over all my facial muscles. I make some of the funniest facial expressions because of Ex use to tell me that I have a plastic face, from all the swift contorted expressions I can throw out there in succession.
I must say, watching Jim Carrey movies when I was younger gave me good practice.

Me too. I'm a woman of a million expressions.

I bet both eyebrows go up when your mad :)

When I'm's one eyebrow. Lol.