I Can't Read Minds, But I Can Trasmit My Minds To Others..help!!!

Okay here's the deal, ever since seventh grade I somehow unlocked my ability to communicate telepathically with another student, which happened to be a girl I liked. The thing is though that she didn't like me and she just wanted to make me happy to be together. Well the thing got worse that anything I thought was sent to her. She could actually listen my mind. Then the thing became is that she showed others how to listen my mind. I cannot prove it, because no one would let me prove it with them because they were all enemies in 7th grade. They all learned how to listen to my mind and then problems started. they abused it and it was a horrible year and eigth grade too.

The thing is that I can't control what I can trasmit to others, I am a constant thinker, and right now I'm a senior in high school and the same scenario happened again with a girl I like and she and I'm sure 4 others friends can listen to my thoughts and that is really screwing things up. Probably as i'm even typing this, they know what i'm thinking. I don't know how to stop this power, I need help so badly. Positives of this is that I can pick up others minds at times, but I would really llike to learn how to read others minds, I have the ability to trasmit my mind, but I can't read others, unless they send it to me. None of these people would have discovered this ability of theirs if it wasn't for me. I am probably the most psychic person and I somehow others are able to listen to my mind. These girls are also using this against me so help me!!! What can I do!!! How can I turn off this ability or control it more effectively!! They always know what I'm thinking!

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I agree with destinystar, but if you dont belive in that kind of stuff, try a visualization technic. Its simple well sorta, practice with someone you trust completly and just think and send then imagine like a sheild or something blocking others from your mind,, lock everything in a safe and then just think. Do this till the person no longer recieves the thoughts, and then extend the visualization times. When you have that mastered every time you dont want someone to read you through up that sheild. Idk if this will work because i dont have you amazing ability, but i hope it does and if not im sorry. But either way try to erase all doubt that it wont work from your mind because doubt clouds possibility

The lesson here is.......... you only put out what u want others to know what u are thinking.. your deapest most darkest secrets will never b revealed... why? Becuase u put a block on them,,, Think of it this way.......... if you are able to recieve u are also able to block...If they are able to recieve they are also able to block... There are spells u can do as well as protection techinques.. Look into protection via thoughts from a phenoix or a griffin... i feel crow medicine come up for you to.......... i feel u also feel un heard in alot of your life and i feel that u accel in this form as you know ppl will get exactly what u r about............ If you practising hearing yourself more and what your heart has to say i feel ppl will less be able to tap u... if u ask for your aura to be sealed and your chakras to be closed that will be the end of the tapping................ If they used it against u in the past maybe u need to look at weather or not u consider yourself a vitcim of your circumstance or your gift....... When u understand it more others will feel less likely to read u... I feel that your spirit guides are wating for you to ask them how to stop this.. I feel that you hear their voices but u block it... there are simple things that u can do on an every day basis to stop this is to cover yourself in the purple ray light of saint Germain........... I feel you need to look to Tiger and Pantha and mouse totems as they will show you what u need to do with your energy. Atm all your energy out put comes from your base and sacral which are the easiest to read.....