Is This Normal?

I can read energies of the living and the dead. I have two different feelings for then. the one is a tingling on  my back but only on the side that the spirit is on, and second i feel like i have a preasure in my chest when i read ppls energies when there alive. Can anyone else read dead peoples energies?My one friend finds this talent absolutely amazing but i like to keep it on the down low because i know people will find me wierd. I dont mean to read there energy it just happenes. The range of it also varies. The one time i was in school and it was like everyones emotion was screaming at me. i knew what everyone felt. I use to think i was bipolar until it dawned on me that this could be it, i kinda absorb the emotion and take it as my own. It can be a curse at times. like when there is a fight happening in the family and all i pick up is anger. i Think that me and my cusions have the same gift. ive heard of my great grandpa having something like  this and i was shocked. I wish that i could talk to someone that doesnt think that this is 100% wierd or finds it unbeleivable.
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Yes, I feel this all the time. But with time and practice I learned to stop the "connection" meaning, I learned to turn-off the readings. For the exact reason of absorbing too much, starts hurting your head, you feel hot, and very ill. But I feel you, I hate reading energies.. Mostly because I feel people's all the time. Including the dead. You seem to be a "baby" But that's okay. Dont worry. Range does matter. Don't get close to people who have bad ones. I also learned how to absorb their energies, and replace them with my own. So if theyre sad, I can make them feel happy. Not many "readers" can read the dead, just energy. You have an ability. My grandfather too, has the same power, and gave me his energy. I saw his spirit... well now thats a mamory I will never forget. (: please message me.. I know 2 people, plus myself, who can help you "control" it

Hey I've been tryin to figure out how to turn off.. I keep mixing the "vibes" and it's driving me nuts.. I feel them on my toes hands face head & back.. I can also pick up the vibes from dead people and something called "shadow people" please help

Thats called empathy, well actually being empathic. My cusin also has this ability, it's in part because of genes in family. But can also be triggered or lost in a very bad experience. I have an ability myself and so does other members of my family.

i don't have a gift like that but it sounds awesome your so lucky!!although i don't think i'd want to absorb peoples emotions that might cause trouble..but even if i did it wouldn't be weird.

Your more than welcome to talk to me. I certainly don't think it is weird, and whilst I do not have any connection to the dead, I have a heavy telepathic gift. Most people think i'm weird or loony as well. What your describing is empathy, the ability to read other people's thoughts and emotions. And you seem quite gifted at it. I do not have much empathy as of yet, I am building this ability, but so far only feel a strong connection and reading ability with my mate. I have felt others's emotions, but only rarely, and usually only if I wanted to feel it then I would ask them telepathically to send me their emotion. Again, I have the same deep desire to speak to people with similar gifts, or anybody who believes in them, I will message you.<br />
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Edit: your profile's blocked, so I hope your willing to message me.