I get to tell my story to people who will hopefully understand me. It's long. But hopefully, you, anyone reading this. Will enjoy it (:

It started when I was little I could tell when someone was sad, or... just not "themselves". I thought it was normal, but then i figured no one else could tell. When I was in the 7th grade I met this boy named TJ. (Who has alot to do with my energy... That's another story to tell.) & we shared our "abilities" together. His was: "manipulation". He could go into your head and make you believe things you never thought you would believe. For example: I hate HATE cheese, and he told me to try it, like I haven't many times before, so I said "No". Soon he was like "Don't make me make you eat it." I didn't think it was possible since it was my head, I didn't want to so... How could he make me? Didn't take long till I told myself, "C'mon it wouldn't hurt, plus, you like cheese"... So I tried it. But, I threw up. POINT being that he went into my mind, and convinced me. Becuase thats what I thought, and it scared me, because I would never think that.

So, we all have abilities. I don't know what mine is.. yet. But hopefully, being open about it, will bring me closer to my ability. Now let's begin:
   I can read energies, auras, etc. I feel like these "energies" are in everyone, and not to mention everything. To me, Energies have to deal with thoughts, feelings, ideas, and "visions". Visions of the past, who make you who you are today. Visions can also be of the future and the person you are today, I can see what upholds. (This happens rarely, since im more "connected" to peopole's past.) Auras, are more complicated. I feel like their the power of energy that wonders around. I think this is the "power" that tells me what other people are feeling. So more like the thing "connecting" me to other's energies. Some people are hard to "read", because their auras are on guard. Most people are an open book. Even the ones who do not trust anyone whats-so-ever. But these 2 combined make Energy. I visualize energy as a bubble, sorrounding a person. But that's just me. I feel like everyone can have a different visualization of "energy". People who meet other people who read energies, tend to hit it off right off the bat. Johnny (Who I barely met about two weeks ago feel like brother and sister!!) Marcus (A couple weeks ago, and we feel like close friends :D) These are one of the fewest people I know who can read energies, and share their beleifs with me. **I have to give credit to Johnny who taught me about the elements** (I also know TJ. But we no longer speak over an incident, yes it has to deal with energy, BUT that will come another time.) Those 3, are truly the only people I know of. I hope to find more :)

Next, this is more hard to explain... but I also believe in: "Elements". Yes, I'm referring to "water", "air", "fire", and fiinally,"earth". There are more elements. But let's stick with the basics. I believe EVERYONE has an element. (I don't believe everyone can read energies, and I don't believe everyone knows bout them, or even believe in them.)  Some, very few, very very very few: Have more than one. My very good friend Johnny has two (2). (It get's more complicated BUT yet, again BASICS.) I as well have two. Air and Water. Air is my "top" one. I'm more in "tune" with it. Johnny is more in tune with water. Johnny's energy is the most powerful I have ever felt! & he's my close friend to this day. (I will be mentioning him alot as well.) Back to the elements. (I haven't "roamed" far enough to catch every single piece of information, but I am telling you everything I know so far. & will update when I "discovered" more :D )

  Fire- People with the fire element tend to be more "out there" and very cocky. Marcus, another good friend of mine, is a HUGE example. (He two can read energies.) He tells me that half of his body is (+) and the other (-). Because fire has to do with electricity as well. They are warm, and very stubborn. Not to mention that they get girls' attention.. ALOT.They can be very hyperactive, and get defensive, or are very short tempered. Like a fire, they "explode". They can make "sparks" by snapping their fingers, or just rubbing their hands. All depends on the person with holding the element. I don't know much, but if more information comes, I'll be sure to write it (: Out of the other elements Fire, is more cocky, stubborn, and get to get "on your nerves".

  Earth- Honestly, I don't know much of Earth since I only know one. Jorge. (He can't read energies which make it harder to explore his element, since he's not in-tune with it.) I do know that Earths are rare. They are calm people. Tend to be shy. Some are more short-tempered than others. & can be stubborn. They are like fire but not exactly close. Fire and Earth do not get along, since both are going to feel intimidated by eachother. Earth= Trees. Fire can easily set it on fire. BUT dirt puts out fire. But, again, all depends whose more in-tune with their elements. Jorge is intimidated by Marcus, so I don't put them in the same room. Trust me, it get's akward. Jorge loves walking, but I don't know if that deals with him intereacting with his element. Out of the other elements Earth is the most quieter one, very smart, and innocent. (As far as I know)

  Water- Johnny and I. Awh, water. Water are calm, happy people. Out going, and hyper active, but they know when to control themselves. When in water, our cuts heal faster than usual, headaches, and body aches are much better. Thoughts open when were in the water. We are more in-tune, and we can have a sight of releif and relaxation.  We usually are never mad, but there are the times, and if we are mad.. well, watch-out. Water, is like the one to connect all the other elements together. So when Johnny is around, Marcus, Jorge and I dont really fight. We act like friends, more or less (: With out Johhny, well... I am water, but its not my strongest element, I can't really control them. Out of the other elements we are the ones to "control" other elements.. Not like mind control, but sorta? (For example: Fire can "explode" we can sorta "sprinkle" on some water, to calm them down.)

  Air- We are peaceful people. ALWAYS happy!! :) I never let anything bring me down, and when it does, I learn to get back up. I, Air, never really get mad, I hardly ever. But, when it comes to the things I love, like friends, family, etc. I tend to be very powerful, more than fire. I'm very high spirited, and well, Air people can be very sloooow. Confused. Smart, but get very lost. They do, though, have someone to help them out. Johnny is my "guide" and im proud to have found him because I swear life, life just got easier (: we are very easy going. Out of the other elements we are the most happiest, and "peace-makers" 

Each element benefits from the other. I, Air, benefit from Jorge, Earth. Jorge from water, Johnny. Marcus, Fire, from Me. & I know it seems like water benefits from fire. But I dont think it does... We all sorta use eachother to get powerful. Marcus "leeches" on to me to get stronger. Again, since he's cocky he needs me to "make" a bigger fire, since fire needs more oxygen. Jorge is  more open with Johnny. Since earth has the "water cycle". I'm attracted to Marcus since, well he's fire. All girls will be attracted to him. I think Johnny is attracted to me, but I don't know if its just my strong energy. Again, Earth and Fire dont get along. When fire is next to a water and air, its flame goes out. Johnny and I were walking with Marcus, (Marcus was in the middle) and he was completely cold! Falme was out, and that never happens to poor Marcus.

Back to Energies. Elements have to deal with energies because it has to do with who your "attracted" to. Who you "connect" with better. Also, determines who you are in general. Of course all people are unique. Elements are used in general terms. But as you read I sorta put my friends personality in them.

This is it for now, since its like 2 in the morning. But tell me what you think. Your comments. Your thoughts. & did anything help you understand anything. Dont be afraid. I never judge (: Ask me questions, and I will answer :DD
    -Jackie Santana

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This happens to me, i seem to know a awful lot about people when i first meet them.

@AJLove17: I wish I could add you to learn more about this, but EP won't let me because you are under 18. Please send a message if you get this.

You become more in tune with it when you practice it. Im air and water. I practice by standing outside in a windy, kind of, weather, I feel everything, the wind coming with me, shaping my aura I feel my skin being touched, I breath in a ntural tree's exhilation, breath out mine, as the world inhales. The wind, and I became one. <br />
<br />
Energy and Aura's, your born with it, you can only become in tune with your element. Your born with abilities and sure, you can practice them. But, you need to practice your element in order for that to happen. I hope I helped :)