I Can Feel Them...

I Googled,"I Can Feel Them"
Bumped back into here,again.
A trauma to the  left frontal lobe of the brain.Brain Damage,a Doctor gave me hope.
I was in rough shape. She told me,"We will just have to Wake Up,other parts of your brain" i believed and prayed daily for my brain to heal.After 15 years,looking at me,you'd never know,look normal.
The injury gave me years of not feeling . Now I'm on sensory overload! I can read and feel there on going activity in my  head,Before they try to perpetrate it.I'll sit and listen. But knowing and what comes out of there mouths and there actions,annoys and angers me.
Then Exhausts me. 
When I'm in a reading mode
I can tell a lie from a president!

Read personal objects.
People with Black or Dark Hearts (what I call them) are very strong
That I know. They don't even need to be around.I can feel them,know what there thinking. ( just by and email,or missed call) Different people give off different strengths . Usually I feel all the bad ones. These folks are overwhelming to me. Exhaust me,take my energy. I even have and "Orb" that's been caught on my security system. Several Times. That's hanging with me.She feels good and helpful,and Does Not  want and investigation team here.
It's all Good. My life has changed for the best!Doors once closed are opened. Am i crazy,probable.I'm moving though.
Mxamus Mxamus
May 13, 2012