I Don't Know Who Else To Tell. I Can't Explain This, But Help Me.

I feel myself growing with a stronger clairvoyance, I think that's what it is. I read energy. People's energy, situational energy, future energy. I am very good at reading the future, especially if it isn't going to be good. It's gotten so strong that I can pinpoint exactly who it will be or whom it will effect. Recently, I decided to chart down my stronger readings. Here are the past three events (changed names for personal reasons):

Monday January 14th, 2013. Crying hysterically in the evening. Overwhelming feeling of despair and panic. Parents then have an awful, awful fight. One of the worst. I think I read the energy of that argument and bad energy hours before it actually took place. The crying and pain were uncontrollable, but all too real and strong. I couldn't stop for hours until after it had finally happened.
Saturday January 19th, 2013. Good energy at Ryan's house, but getting to the other destination, everything was in slow motion. This time I told those around me that the energy was bad and something wasn't right. I said something bad was going to happen. Sarah ends up making this new get together end early because she drives off, recklessly and perhaps drunk into another car and speeds off without making sure she hadn't hurt anyone. I told everyone that something was going to go down and the energy was just bad. I was anxious all that time. Time was slow and painful.
Tuesday January 22nd, 2013. Distressed young lady in the choir. I told my sister to specifically keep an eye on this young lady. She apparently showed no signs of distress or pain to those around me but I felt it. She urinated on herself while performing due to a lack of confidence and overwhelming fear. I knew she was the bad vibe.

I can also tell the intentions of a person. I believe in vibes, but I don't know if that is a proper term for it. I can read a person. I know who is genuine, real and kind. I know who is bad, selfish, etc. I don't know what is happening to me. I'm always right. Why do I know so much, and am unable to explain it? I am not making any sense. Maybe my mother is right. Maybe I am just going insane. But I can feel things I can't explain! I feel what you feel. I feel what we can't see. I feel things that aren't even in existence  yet. I cry for the pain you'll refuse to show. I don't know why. 
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You feel what you feel and its a gift. Try to gain more knowledge. Trust your instincts. But try not to feel fear or worry. How are things going?

Clearly, be calm my friend. There is more of us out here, relax and remember that everything you know is just a concept... its not day time or night time, we spin around the sun. Time itself isn't being counted by the universe... live in the moment and start breathing deep.

I feel the exact same way! Its crazy! I sense to feel the vibe of a persons home or anywhere im at. I also feel what others feel even tho I myself dont feel that way. Its really hard to explain but i completely understand you.


I know what is happening to you. I don't have it, but I know someone who does.
Don't panic, and its exactly like you said: You can read energy. Use it in your advantage...

It can help you a lot.