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Its always hard to explain it exactly, but I can sense multiple things from a person. The first and largest thing is emotions and intentions, then from there I can sense physical health, and finally physical location.

I believe that everything has an energy to it. It doesn't even have to be alive to have energy. It exsists, so it has energy. People and animals (those with the ability to move from place to place of their own choice) have different personalities, different makeups within their own energy. These differences usually define wether the being is more able to absorb one type of energy over another, and that somewhat dictates our likes and dislikes as living beings. A person or animal that is very social and never tires of big groups of companions is more able to capture energy from large groups, they need more than a single other being for their energy to be stable so they seek out others to constantly be with. Others prefer solitude and can gain energy from objects like books, so they seek out solitude because it keeps them stable. No living thing can keep their energy stable by themselves, we all need some source to draw on in order to be happy.

The people who believe in my ability (there are always disbelievers) usually think it would be awesome to have. It is sometimes. Whats cooler than knowing where your friends and family are in stores when the arrive there 15 minutes before you and could be ANYWHERE? Or knowing when people are getting sick? Or when they are upset or not? But through my childhood, while I had a lot of "wow cool" moments, I also doubted myself a lot. Others doubted me, and I was in a constant struggle to "be normal." I would talk about my ability and people would tell me it was impossible and stupid. There were quite a few times I had "friends" who were being nice to me on the outside, and to anyone around me it seemed like they were friends with me. I let them be friends with me despite the feeling in their energy that I got that told me to push them away because they were only using me for money or items. I would tell myself what everyone else did. That there was no way I could feel what I did, and that this person was my FRIEND. Many of those "friends" later stole items from me, or money, or told me off right after christmas or their birthdays. I would then sit and ask myself how in the world I let that happen? Why couldn't I listen to MYSELF and not everyone else?

The other bad thing is that I am still horribly bad at blocking off what others feel, so when I am around someone who is really upset or mad at me, I can get affected. When my parents were divorcing, my dad lived with my mom and I for a year or so, and I would wake up and eat breakfast and puke it up a few minutes later because of all the tension in the house. I am not quite so sensitive to that anymore, but I definately amplify whats around me and get sick a lot more often than others usually do.

Good or bad though, I think my ability is something that is here to stay, and I can only get stronger for it. I hope to master it eventually. It would be nice to be able to block negative things better, or feel the positive things stronger, but at my own will.

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not all its cracked up to be eh? ya I know what you mean... same here.... except I have a few more gifts

"I believe that everything has an energy to it. It doesn't even have to be alive to have energy. It exsists, so it has energy"

thanks and I especially like the lines above that I quoted of yours

this might sound bad but will you talk more of puking when confronted with certain energy? is it only bad energy that does that to you?

wow, your story is so much like mine, its crazy. I'm in my last year of highschool and I have always been able to tell what people really think of me and how people are feeling. I can also look at someone directly in their eyes annd tell how they are feeling and thinking. I don't feel normal because of what I can do but I like being not normal. I treat this "thing" as a gift. I have a male friend however who feels like it's a curse.

The anxiety associated is almost unbearable at times, I would love to hear from other True readers who have issues dealing with the difference..... NO FAKERS....... I just want solace and understanding and a steady beat in my chest rather than feeling everything and being on edge constantly, if you have any Non brutal energy relievers please message me Put; HEY NIK at the start so its not spammed...... Any help guys........

Ugh i can i hate it i get driven insane! i to scared to tell any body else i'm so glad i aint the only one but now i need some body to talk about this with!

I can so relate! I was beginning to think I was in this alone..

It's all about balance. I hate staying in an area of tension. I can't even think straight and my fight or flight response goes off. Also, we need to be around people who are vibrating on or near our level. Someone who is on too high or too low vibration can throw us off.

Hunny, who ever you are. I know how you feel. Your energy is connected to others. (: and me and my 2 closest friends can show you how to "control" your energy. Meaning, you wish to turn off the negative. We can help you practice that. :D Your not alone hunny. Trust me. I struggle to be normal, but I too found to master it. Im here to help those who need it. If you need any message me :)

Just read the post above and thought I would reply to a master.. I've had a lot of good "serendipity" all of my life by "wishing" to see them.. Think I'm beginning to develop a sense of knowing where a person is physically subconsciously? I'm also a big vibe guy that It scares me too much of how well I can "read" a person by just feeling my body twitches on each limb toe ect.. And I've been having a ba experience with shadow people.. They munipulate me :/ please help.. Idk how they're able to locate me

WOW! This is so much like me! Thanks for writing this story. I don't feel so alone over here!

Me too.