My Forgotten Obsession

As a kid i was quite spiritual, i enjoyed learning about astrology, dream meanings and symbols, playing with Ouija boards and at 15, i decided to take up tarot cards. I spent everyday focused on learning what each card meant, but the information wouldn't sink in. I tried to do basic readings everyday, several times for me and a couple for friends- i still relied on the book to tell me what it meant, but over a couple of years, the information finally began to sink in after doing it for so long.

I began doing yearly readings, where it would tell me what would happen each month of the year. It predicted my downfall into drugs, when i was going to have sex, and when a boy would break my heart. It was always right. Which began to mess me up a bit. I was paranoid over them, trying to predict exactly what would happen, it took over my life and for some cards i became a crying mess over it.

I decided it was best to not do yearly readings anymore, and to give the cards a break in general. Sometimes if i get really down and depressed, or desperate for answers, i would do a quick reading- but try not to take it half as seriously. But my curiousity got the best of me one day while i was feeling down, and did a quick, non-serious yearly reading. I felt because i didn't take it seriously that the cards wouldn't be that honest. Unlike other times, i didn't write this reading down, as i didn't want to obsess over it. But one card in particular that has stuck in my mind, is their will be a guy that entered my life at the start of the year- A week or two later, i joined ep, so i think i know who the cards were talking about :P
Tippitoe Tippitoe
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013