I Don't Know Why.

i don't know why, but i can. i can also read and write backwards, though my backwards cursive is not so pretty.

i guess my brain just really likes reading, and will not be denied!

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i can write both handed better with my right but can get away with it with my left ..its frustrating i pick up aa pen with my left an cant do it properly .. but ive always been able to read better upside down i got told off by schools i dont get it but my son went to the optians yesterday an i told the guy i could do this .. he asked me to read the card upside down i read it fluently he asked me to read it <<<< normal >>> i slowed right down without even relaising it , he said not to many could do this hes probably seen 93 thousand people an none have ever asked why they can read better upside down lol xthanks for adding this blog .. we need to know what it is

I can do that too. I can write backwards and forwards with BOTH hands. No, I'm not left handed.

it's certainly a slow starting one :/

Careful with that stuff, you'll cause a revolution...

one word at a time ---> entire sentences.

Wow! You can write backwards! That's a trip! I've never heard of that. I can read upside down but I've never tried writing backwards. Do you write entire sentences backwards or just one word at a time?

seriously, i have a lot of resentment toward that school. i know they meant well, and i know my parents meant well in sending me there, but it was not a loving environment so much as a condemning one. luckily i spent my formative years in montessori school, which had the exact opposite perspective. i think that's the only way i got through it without becoming a shell of a person.

maybe I'm just a little devil!! lol<br />
<br />
That sounds ridiculous ...attitudes like that in this day and age.

probably not. i used to write backwards messages on the chalkboard at school bc it freaked super conservative people out. that's a glimpse into how hardcore the Christian school i went to was. some of them thought it was from the devil. <br />
<br />
they were probably just jealous ;)

heehee Ive just had to go and try it!.....I can do it backwards and frontwards left or right handed! Left better than right but still legible! wonder if there's any use for these skills??! : )

no, i'm a righty (not sure if that's a word....)

i've practiced some, but it's not so great. i'll keep working on it ;) <br />
huh. never thought of that.

Are you left handed?.....cos I can write backwards too.,,,,quite neatly ..and I'm a lefty