The Fictional Character I Can Realte To Is

I gotta say it Zuko from Avatar the last air bender when i was watching the series i couldnt help but noticed how much i can relate to this fictional character in so many ways hes the outcast who goes thru trial and error to find his own path in life he tries hard to prove his worth to so he can feel like he belongs even tho hes made his fair amount of mistakes hes still a good person and cares about those he close to scarred from his past its left him bitter and a bit cold hearted but he becomes a better person for it after he learns to let things go and moves forward ina way i can understand where hes coming from and it mirrors who i am
fuqlife fuqlife 22-25, M 2 Responses Apr 21, 2012

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Going through life with many mistakes, having faults that you see in yourself, and learning from them is what makes you wise :) I can see you will become a wise person.

Huey Freeman