I Remember Choosing My Parents

I have only ever told a couple of people about this experience and they didnt seem to believe me and to be honest, if i hadn't experienced this and somebody else told me..i would have my doubts too.
But i remember choosing my parents and my life and my future body,
this was all soon before i was born, i remember the blackness i had no body it was just me and a man next to me, though he was not there..just his presence and his voice, he filled the area with this calming loving feeling just how you feel around a loved one, no worry in the world, i remember there was a big screen infront of me, kind of like a slideshow, he asked me if i wanted to be things when i grew up like, shy or outgoing, large or slim, e.g, he guided me through these questions and tried to equal everything out, he showed me pictures of families that were expecting a baby around the time i was to be due, there were rich families and he told me i would have an easy life if i chose them but he stopped at this one family where he begged, he needed me to go with them, it was a mother, father and 5 young boys but there was something wrong with this, i could see the pain in each one of their faces, the mans words which echo through out my head, it was along the lines of "You can pick any family you wish, they will each bring you up in different ways but please, this mother needs you, they are going through a very hard time and she has been wanting a baby girl all her life please help me help them, growing up will be very rough but if you choose them i will reward you in the future." he would not tell me the reward but i already knew something great would be waiting for me when i return. He then told me i had to leave, i did not want to but i knew i had to ,sending me down what felt like a slide, it was dark and fast and i felt my stomach get left behind and then it was over. I have not told my family this yet but my mum has said i was born very fast and i pretty much 'slipped out' on the birth bed. Turns out they were going through a very hard time as my brother was getting a liver transplant around the same time. I can also remember being a baby, not even 1 laying in my crib which isn't as interesting as what i just shared. I know people will think i am crazy but i have remembered this since well forever as a thought had triggered it back into my memory years and years ago.
All that is overwhelming for myself and though i might doubt it, finding people with the exact same vision in their mind excites me. And i know i am always being watched over, a lot of bad, personal stuff has happened but i am always given what i want in the end, in friendship, love, materialistic items, eventually things work out and it is a little scary. If a bad event happens, it could be as soon as only a few hours later something arrives in which couldnt have come at a better time. I am so happy i am one of us that can remember this memory. I would love to hear more of your stories about this!
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This is a great story, thanks for sharing. I know in my heart our son picked us and we are so blessed.

While your story is simililar to mine, it differs a lot. I don't remember the other family's I might have looked, at or the questions I was asked, only my mother. As far as details go, I saw six year old me and a man in white held my hand. we walked through a grassy field ,then arrived at a cemetery. Come to find out it was my great grandfathers funeral. I could see every detail from my brother running around playing with the other kids behind all the mourning adults, while my mother was singled out sitting alone in the back row crying. I just remember thinking she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, and I wanted nothing more than to be her little girl. After the decision was made I tried walking over to comfort her, as soon as I reached out to hug her I woke up. And that's my story! lol

I forgot to add this dream reoccurs every year at the same time cx I'm pretty sure it's the day of the funeral... But yea XD

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This is crazy as I am just now stumbling upon this. I have told a few family members and close friends that there was a time before I was living this life. I remember distinctly a white room and a rotating platform with pictures or some kind of monitors of several different families. The weird part is I specifically remember stopping the rotation and staring at my mom, dad, and older brother. I don't remember much talking or seeing any other beings but it has always been in the back of my head. It's a relief to know I'm not insane or it was just a dream from long ago. Glad to know we are all on the same page.

I remember being in a white room like a waiting area but it was really bright, then think I heard a voice saying your next or it said chose not quite sure, i have often asked myself is this memory from a film or is it real but I think it must be, after reading these posts from you guys i so want it to be real but part of me feels I'm wrong i guess that's the way the creator would want it then I remember being in the womb waiting to be born crazy i know but just thought I would share.

Hi um I went to the same thing but it was not dark there was other babies there but he choose me. The guy gave me a choice for families but he also advised for this woman who need a girl and turns out her mother died and bf left her and she was in need of a child. I also came out fast while she was giving birth as well. But lately since I did sin I don't think that he needs me anymore

The big screen surrounded by blackness, I've had dreams of that exact place. Was there a circular platform that you were standing on/levitating on near the big screen?

Yes I had been levitating over a warmer circle glow

I remember being an infant at the day care I went to starting at eight months old. I remember one of the nuns (my caretakers) changing my diaper while I was on a table. I was looking up and seen what appeared to be God and angels and clouds, the sky, a very ethereal, heavenly place which I later thought was a painting as I got older. When I got older and recounted the memory to my mom, I told her that it seemed that the Angels, God and everything was in motion, to which she replied it clouding of been. So I just immediately rationalized it as a painting. I had an opportunity to return to the day car when I was in fourth grade and I asked one of the nuns for a tour upstairs. I was with my mom so I got really excited to get to show her what I had been recently recanting to her. When we got upstairs to the second floor where the babies and toddlers area was I noticed the ceilings were all white. I asked the nun what happened to the paintings on the ceiling and she said that the ceilings had never been painted in a mural or design. My mom reiterated what I had told the nun and she was stunned. I also had dreams of being an animal of some kind when I was about 6-7. I would be running through dense woods at night and I could feel the wind in my fur and I could see the moonlight and stars through the trees. I recalled this to my mom who also had the same dreams as a child!! I didn't tell my mom about this dream till I was about 13 and the dreams went away.

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That sounds cool!

I am excited to find others with this experience. My son told me this story when he was about three. Along with other spiritual experiences we both have I am writing a book about our contact and connection with this and other expeiences. I would love to hear your stories and include them in my book.
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Thank you

This thread is from 3 year ago but Hopefull someone sees this. Lol. I have a similar story I remember the blackness around me and like a big area where he was showing me potential families and when he got to a young fifteen year old girl for some reason I chose her. I remember saying "her I want her to be my mother." I've always wondered of others had the same or similar happen.

My 9 year old daughter told me this story of her in heaven choosing me for a mom. She said that she was in a big room with lots of babies choosing moms and dads she said it was like a slide show on the floor. Then God blew her she flew down and she was mine!

Your experience is pretty much EXACT to mine. I am the 5th child. I have been telling my family this story since I could talk. My sister remembers me telling her when I was about one and a half years old. I spoke sentences already at that age. Farther advanced in speech than most 1 to 2 year olds. Were any of you on this blog also speech advanced? I tied my shoelaces by age two. I was reading thick books by age 5. I remember everything pretty much as you describe. As if I was up high and earth was below and I could see earth down through a GIGANTIC telescope. (The heavenly Father is the creator of advanced technology? Most likely, yes. I mean, who really knows???) I remember a peaceful heaven / haven with angel beings who pretty much offered me the same type of choice as you describe. When I chose, the angel happily exclaimed to me, "A most excellent choice!" My one sister, whom I have always been closest to, needed me and I chose her. If I had not been born, she would have been extremely alone, even with three other siblings. I remember the slide feeling and I completely recall leaving the hospital and was able to provide my sister details. I can remember crying for the angels and my mom thought it was colic. LOL That's probably what colic really is! Turns out, my parents were one-of-a-kind FANTASTIC. I lucked out. I can remember sitting in my sit-up chair and the grown-ups coo-cooing around me and thinking they looked silly, but loving the attention. The memories are sharp, crystal clear. God bless all of the planet. And remember, just because you may have challenged with a tougher mission than some others, it is your calling to meet that challenge for I feel we are simply here on Earth to serve one another. So, if someone has wronged you, abused you, hurt you, rise higher! For ALL OF YOU are here for a higher, better purpose and together we can work to make the world a kinder place.

I can remember choosing my parents to for a long time I've shrugged it to the back of my head thinking perhaps it was a dream I once had bit it always comes back in my mind from time to time since I was a little girl, I can't remember loads but I can just remember like a projector coming down and actually seen my life planned out for me and my parents and an overwhelming feeling not sure if it was excitement or been frightened I've never told anyone this but it always just comes back to my mind like today strange xxxxx

This just gave me the chills my son told me when he was 3 that he remembered picking me. He said he looked at a tv and saw all the mommies one after another and remembered thinking and feeling.. this is the perfect mom for me. I told him he was sweet and said he was the perfect son for me (which he is) but he got upset and said he remembers and asked if I believed him! I said yes but of course I thought maybe it was a dream. This is amazing. Im going to show this to him thank you.

This made my heart warm! So happy you two were able to find each other and that he was able to be one of the few who remember why and how! I love hearing of similar situations so thank you!

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Blessings, Elizabeth

My email address is kate_alyce1@hotmail.com Feel free to ask anything at all.

Hello. I too remember choosing my parents. I shall start from where I start to remember.
I arrived in a huge dark room. The size of a gymnasium. A man in ancient Roman style clothes was there at what seemed like a huge desk. He asked "have you learned what you needed to learn from this life?"
I said "Yes." I knew it was a lie because I had caused my own end, nor through suicide but a bad decision. I was instantly put into a room. A waiting room. I was with someone who like you I could not see. I told them how tramatic a time I had just previously had. That person got up and went into a room. Having a look around everything was plain and a skin color decor. The room was very oddly shaped like sitting inside a diamond. The walls went out in the middle and in at the top. The benches came out of the wall the same beigey tan colour. Then I knew it was my turn to go into the room.
The room had just a place to sit and a desk. It seemed cluttered there was stuff all around piled. I didn't pay attention to that. The lists were to be checked if you wanted. So I seemed to go through the list. I chose female, medium looks, spiritual swayings I remember specifically: pagan/catholic/Buddhist, checking yes to those. Most of the time filling the list was rather willy-nilly. I got to the end of the lists then I had a huge book in front of me. I flipped through the pages and finally saw my mom, that's her! My specific words. Then that is that. I too remember being a baby and even walking my first steps and being in a crib. I described what I remember to my mother and she said that what a house we lived in when I was that age.
I too have been yearning to find more people who remember so thank you for starting this thread. :)

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Blessings, Elizabeth

I remember choosing this life also. I remember viewing the different lives, so many to choose from. We know ahead of time the good and the bad things that are going to happen. But because we are not suppose to remember is where free will comes into play. What we do during the good and the bad is our choice to make.

I saved the worst for the last trip here. I chose a painful and very hard life. I knew it before I came here. Others were worried if I would make it when I chose this life. I believed I would be able to handle everything.

I almost didn't survive. I contemplated suicide at that time in my life but something came over me and I didn't do it. I'm so glad I didn't. I found my own cure after 8 years of suffering. I learned much about pain and when I talk to others suffering I can relate with them. People in pain need other people who can understand what their going through. And that was the lesson I chose. I passed with flying colors and now I can move on to the next level.

You might ask why someone would choose a painful life? The answer I was giving while my visit to heaven was "In the span of eternity our lives that we live are equal to a blink of an eye" That is why we have no fear of choosing a hard life. Painful life. Or even death at birth. Because we are helping someone else with their lessons or ourselves. We know we still exist even when we're not in flesh.

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I remember looking down through the bathroom in the house that I lived in , being for no better word a noble? I was speaking with a man I was close with, a thin old man with a long white beard I recall something about a projector but not until you mentioned that, Ill leave it out for now he said there going to have a baby and to get ready, we check in on them periodically I wanted to be born because I agreed it would be a good Idea, I cant remember why I wanted this I do not recall anything except for these conversations, once he said no good forget it, I think there was a miscarriage, sad, there was a lady crying, then then we had a another meeting or two and I was born. It started of badly but Im doing great now I remembered this thought since I was very young, just yesterday on a video I heard that this was an old greek mythology that you can choose to pick anything you need to correct or help out on, but one catch you can not remember what it is. So I searched this out and found others this is the truth. I did some deep meditation while back and after a deep session a red vail quickly opened and that man sad what are you doing and I did not meditate any more, thats my bizarre story I always had a la<x>yer of protection wand correction on me when I did something out of sync,very obvious stuff.

You have more detail in memory then me but I believe you. I remember being born as well.

I know they feel and many times over the last few years I felt this is not my body, and that I may be a "walk in"

I believe you. I really believe god gives us all the ability to make choices and I belive it begins before birth, not after. I think we all make the chice to be born into the situation we are in. Some may think being born poor would not be a choice. But it would be a challenge to be born into those circumstances and you some how work your way into being successful.

this kinda freaked me out because ive been an athiest most of my life until i started to think about somthing my mum said to me, she said when i was younger i said i picked her and this brought back memories i can remember exactly the same as you a slide show of diff face of women that i could pick, ive only just really thought about it and im not sure but i remember being told how hard life would be with each parent but how much they would need me same as you. and it does sound crazy but i remember it so well.

Reading this made me shiver!
Knowing you saw the same slideshow is rather scary, even though it was a calm feeling now thinking of it, it scared the hell out of me! I do not know how to feel about it because it is really hard to come to terms with!

Love your memories!! You are ahead of the pack. No everyone has these memories.

Please contact us. We are pre-birth researchers who have written about pre-birth memories such as yours:

Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth

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Blessings, Elizabeth

I cant remember being born,but at least you had a choice in what you wanted,i wanted rich,loving,supportive,white parents, preferably in California,but what did i get a "father" who tried to kill me and had been absent all my life,im now 45,a "mother" who is selfish,jealous and plain evil,who wishes nothing good for me,i wish i was born with luck and good people around me,wanted to be married forever,have my own family,but im a single mother to one son,who gave me nothing but trouble, was brought up partly in care,his father was absent too,i married and divorced,in less than 2 years,i was unable to have more children,i dont have any true friends,just pure enemies around me,i live in a slum area called the east end of London,with no way of getting out,im old,not pretty,overweight,cant develop a serious relationship with a man,all they want is sex and thats it,im depressed for many years,think of suicide everyday and the worse crime is i was born black,of all races,the worst and ugly race of black people,so a message to the big guy up there,you have failed me,i had every right to be loved in this life and dont know what that is yet,THANKS FOR NOTHING and if i ever get back I WILL PUT YOU IN A COMA,if i go to hell,i wouldnt notice the difference,i hate my life

You chose this. Just because people can remember what they chose didn't mean it was the easy way? Everybody has had their choice in who they are. So maybe instead of looking at what you haven't got start being present with what you have got and create something amazing despite all that. :)

I am so sorry to hear about your experience, I also had and still have difficult life, I can only tell you that you are very strong and smart person because others couldn't handle the life you were given, so hang in there, the most important thing is that you're not living with your parents anymore who are toxic.

Only the strongest souls could possess the ability to live such a hard life. I so wish I could give you a hug, I understand and feel your pain. Remember that beauty is a light in the heart and not in the face. People always assume that someone physically beautiful has it all, which couldn't be more further from the truth. Ironically, it is because of that very belief from others that it's actually an incredibly lonely life that comes with great sacrifices. You have come so far on your journey and I hope you haven't given up. Remember that you are VERY loved xx

others have told me the same thing<br />
<br />
i have even been told by some they feel the kids i take care of made the choice to be born this way and place them selfs atthe mercy of others to prover they were ready to cross over<br />
and looking at they life before me that most have been a lot of trust and there part<br />
<br />
also have been told many kids still remember things till they are abotu age 3 or 4 just adults do not want to take the time or are scared to talk to them about there frrling