From The Womb, To Being Born, And More....

When I was in the womb, I remember (knowing what was around me) and whether we imagine our surroundings after a long period of time, and see it a certain way, or actually see .
I got a thought that made me kick, kick, kick, and kick hard.
I also got a feeling of sensation kicking..
Then I remember the birthing process, and with my first glance I saw my mom crying, and my dad deeply confused.
So obviously something was wrong with me.

This is not what I expected, but was easy for me to accept.
You see, when I was born, I already had knowledge, and now to describe to you, it was like I was an adult inside a baby.
I had a bandage around my stomach, and during my baby picture at the hospital, I remember putting my knee up toward my belly, so that when I saw that picture again, I would remember what happened to my stomach. 

I remember peeing on my mom,  as soon as she took off my diaper, and I started doing it on purpose. I know that's terrible.
I also remember being in my crib, I was laid on my stomach for a nap I guess, and I turned my face and it got stuck face down in the mattress, I remember I couldn't move my neck, I didn't know how. I remember my mom coming in finally, and turning my head to the side and saying " oh what's the matter?"

So imagine, having to have someone be in control of where you lay sit etc... knowing everything that's going on around you, but not being able to control  your arms, or legs, or head. It is not fun.

As I grew older in school, my mom was told that I was very smart, and that it was hard keeping my brain stimulated fast enough with new information.
Today it's the same.

Whatdoesthismean Whatdoesthismean
May 14, 2012