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I Remmember Being In the Womb

I always thought it was weird no one would beleive me so I qiuit mentioning it!

I told my mother and father that I remmember being inside of my mother! they told me noooo way that isnt possible and took me as a jokster!

But I remmember the day I was born only!

I remmember I must of had a mind because I was very aware !thinking just like I do now

but I was in a warm loving bright pink place,,,Im thinking I enjoyed it there very much I know I was peaceful,,,,I can remmembering thinking of wonder and investigation,,,then I saw a bright light shaped as a circle from a distance and it was over my second memory was when I was  3 or 4 years old!

All I can think is babies know alot more than we give them credit for!

I know!

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I think I remeber being inside my mothers womb if that sounds crazy. I'm not sure if it was a dream or reality, but I can remeber being in a dark circle and not being able to see anything or know what's going on.

I remember being in My Mothers Womb I remember her putting her hand over me that's the only memory I have of being in the womb. I remember being in a jumper that hung from the Ceiling and Smiling at My Grandpa. I remember going for a walk with my mom I was in the stroller and my bottle fell and my 2nd cousin Brenda picked it up I remember her Butt in front of me. That's all I can remember about my years of an infant.
Your Brain has a Blocker in it it's ment to block out Tramatic Events in your childhood life. Some people remember because they can handle the Event Scientists are doing study's on the child's and Adults Brain to see why our brain blocks out the memory's and why the memories sometimes comes back.

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I do as well. I remember feeling a bone as well as seeing light come through my mother belly.

For all those that have the memories of prebirth, I ask how many remember the transition of being bonded. Meaning you can recall not being in the womb and being sent to the body in the womb or aquiring the body in the womb by means of battle. I am not surprised that somebody can remember having prebirth memories your not the first.

I can remember being in my mother's womb where it was warm and it looked pink when there was light coming through. I don't know if it's real but I remember being told that I was going to a special place, and feeling at peace. Then I remember being squeezed and pushed out. It was scary, but not as scary as when I came out. I was terrified because it was freezing , the lights were so brought and everything was blurry. It felt like forever before they got me wrapped in something warm. Then I remember being given to my mom and feeling warm and comfortable once again.

Steer that I can remember being in my crib crying and getting more and more scared because my mom (who was usually always there when I needed her) didn't come right away.

I also remember being put to bed on my crib with a bottle... But when I drank from the bottle and found out it wasn't milk (it was water) I was so upset I through the bottle and cried cause I really wanted milk.

I also remember being put in the jolly jumper and loving it. My mom was cooking beside me as I jumped and I was so proud of what I was doing, I just wanted my mom to look at me so I could show her my jumping skills lol.

how cold was it? it was so cold ...No seriously it took me the longest time to figure out why I was so cold(freezing like you said)but if you take anyone say on a hot hot summer day with temperatures around 100degrees and then you put them in a cold tub of water around 60degrees ,naked of course,then their gonna scream cause its so friggen cold.And thats what I remember the most it was freezin cold.I remember being in the crib also and wondering what was inside my rattle that made it make noise when I shook it.It was blue and white.I was so disappointed when I awoke from my nap to find my rattle had broken open and didnt work no more and had to accept the fact the I would never ever figure out what was inside it that made it work.UPDATE: I NOW KNOW HOW THEY WORK.LOL.So when kids are in their jolly jumpers or playing with rattles or both ,we know what their thinking.Has anybody put this stuff in RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT ,yet. its all so true.

I'm glad you posted this, for years I have known the experience of being in my mums womb and I remember a dark pink place I was facing to the right and I just remember a voice - no image saying "it's time" and I knew to turn my head downwards. I remember pushing down into darkness until a little light appeared. I think I had a life review when I was born and an angel touched my lip and I forgot everything. I remember being weighed in some high hanging scales, not like the scales nowadays and feeling the cold steel on my bottom. The next memory after that was age 4 at Disneyland. I know this sounds odd - it does to me too, but I know it happened. I think I remember choosing my life out - what was going to happen to me etc and my parents too - that IS weird, but it's in my mind! Perhaps it's a false memory, maybe it's real; all I know is - I'm not kidding.

As a child I would have flashbacks of being in a dark warm confined place.

My 7 yr old son has just blown me away with saying he remembers being in my belly. He described floating around and that it was all bloody on the inside and he could see veins and skin. I asked him if he could hear anything and he said it was really loud like an ocean all the time. He remembers just before he came out saying he felt so sqished and was scared. He mentioned so many things that made me look on google straight away and find out what the hell is going on. I can tell when he's making up a story, but he was so clear and precise with his information, I believe him!!
So freaked out right now.

writergirl23, it's interesting that you describe your family's memory part of the brain as being well developed and can quote other family members with excellent early recall. Although I am the only one of my family with a memory of being in the womb (my own story was posted on here around 2012) one of my sisters remembers the smell of the rain on her pram hood, another sister remembers sitting up in her pram and watching a wedding. Nobody else has such early memories tho, in fact my grown-up nephew's earliest memory is at the grand old age of seven! :)

I am a twin and I also remember 4-5 memories from the womb. I remember playing with my twin, kicking the wall to get a reaction, and being surrounded by yellow black with a beam of light coming from somewhere. I can remember being cramped with my twin and remembering within a memory of a time when it wasnt like that with a huge ?. I don't remember being born because I narrowly avoided dying, but I remember 2-4 hours after that being in the incubator and have numerous baby memories. My twin sister used to remember this too but a health condition wiped it from her. My family's memory part of the brain is well developed, my cousin can remember being born, and a couple more can remember from 2-3 months on. And my brother who has cerebral palsy's memory part of the brain was almost normal at birth.

I have memories, I can only assume was prenatal or maybe pre birth. Nothing is physical, no people, no objects, just a 3 dimensional ocean of constantly morphing geometrical patterns, weird sounds that are accompanied with feelings of old memories, childhood. I have been obsessed with this "other world" every since a certain LSD trip, 20 years ago, that seemed to unlocked the "sealed" memories. To the best of my explanation, this is my theory of the things I saw and what I think it might be. I will use computer metaphors and references to compare to that may help understand my conveyance.

I think I was seeing "source code". Didn't make sense but felt like memories from some other place beyond the confines of our minds. Perhaps it was the code that wrote the code to develop our current psyche. Like DOS self writing windows, once our "operating system" is properly functioning the "DOS" side gets pushed back and is lost. Just like computers, most of us see windows and operate the machine that way, while under all the pretty graphics lies the source code that actually makes things happen. If you look at the code, it makes no sense, just random bits of programming language. I feel the human mind works in a similar way. They say we don't really start recording usable memories until the second year of life. Just pictorial "flash cards". AKA Screenshots of memories. Some of these screenshots I see are of geometric shapes morphing into other shapes. 3D grid patterns like kaleidoscopic animations. These shapes seem to be linked to different memories. Unable to decode them is what makes it hard to put together and intriguing to see more. I can remember what felt like a waiting room, waiting to be born maybe? Surrounded by this code I feel I am remembering what it was like before and during the development of my operating system. Memories from the womb? Memories of pre birth world? Or am I seeing into the spirit world with a live feed? No clue there.

Taking the discussion further, I come to theorize that all living things have a "network" interface that is fire-walled in reverse keeping us inside our heads. Like a global WiFi that everyone in jacked into but doesn't realize it. Once this connection is discovered, it opens to a universe of this same source code. It sends a panic to the depths of my soul while at the same time my curiosity takes off. I have always been into understanding how things work, its to no surprise I try to reverse engineer the psyche. Words can never accurately describe these things and there is so much "out there" I wish I could explain. It's like seeing the boot sequence at birth too, primitive "drivers" loading for motor control, vision, auditory, etc

I wish I could tap into a child's or infant's mind and see the things while its still fresh in their minds. While they still have the "DOS" running in the front of the mind. I could remember these shapes and code as a child flashing through my head, I can see the flash of memory associated with the code. ie at the babysitters, crib, wallpaper patterns by my crib, abstract oil paintings on my parents walls, vacations we took as a child, those codes flashed past my mind then and I can remember some of them now. I could talk forever about the trips to this abstract world. I just wish I could see useful memories like the ones inside the womb, the optical memories.

I think a lot of this has to do with exent or lacl their of of human language. We all have our sub consious memory. Our pre 2 yr old memories including inside mother are stored their as pictures. Around 2 give or take depending on child tradtional verbal starts. Which makes it harder to acesses pictorial memory. This is why generally if you ask 2 yr old they will answer even if it dosen't make a lot of sense were as if you ask a 3 yr old general response is I don't know obviously sometimes their is exception. We all can acess our pictorial memory it just takes effort. I know by intentionally acessing this I remember the womb do I remember by actual birth no simply because I was born in full riggor so I had no thought process till doctors got me back to somewhat ok.words can not do the pictures justice. 7 months in utero is when my twin got tangled in umblica cord and stoped playing with me and turned gray inside our shared pink room. But in no way dose that do what I saw and know justice. I do know I wasn't much of fusser as infant I just wasn't. Also i remember at about 9 months old I had just mastered self standing and I got bright idea to climb out of my crib and daddy being ever observant dad as basically my mother has parenting skills of potato and I might be insulting the potato. He caught me I know descring this in verbal dose no justice. My mother always said I read my first word at 2 no I didn't I reconized the package from commercial that Christmas day I knew by the blue it was my basketball hoop. Dad did take video of it unfourntly still not around. First verbal memory age 3 it can easily be expressed in words irish dance class pony step it was away to loosen up our knees for jumps. And I remember in great detial what the 9yr old did to me in blazer car. I won't go into detials as public.

This is the same expirience I had. It was warm and dark, the only the I knew was that I was there. Then I saw red. Next I was 2 yrs old. Believe it or not, I even remember my conciousness developing. There are people who cannot believe these things. But we've always got our idiots.

I think i remember being in the womb to. I remember being surrounded by a darkish yellow brown light which i guess was the light coming trough my moms stomach. I also remember hearing people talking from the outside and also i remember wanting to get out of this place dark tight space, which is why i think baby's kick maybe. I don't remember birth, but i do have memories of a man doctor's face after birth. When i was 1 or 2 i remember memories of being able to comprehend English and what everyone was saying but not knowing how to speak which i did not like.

I also remember something like that. I don't know how old I was but I was a baby lieing in my crib and my mother and father were standing at the end of my crib talking to each other, but I did no know what they were saying, but I knew somehow that they were communicating with each other, and I wanted so badly to be a part of the interaction. So I started blurting out what I thought would qualify a the kind of talk they were doing, but it was just baby yah yahyah talk,and I aimed it right at them, and they stopped and looked at me with a surprised expression because they realised what I was trying to do. My mother was beaming and saying oohhhh and then some words. Even though I didn't know what the words mean't, I knew from the inflections and tones of the words that she was saying that I was trying to copy them and join in with them. I had achieved my goal. This is one of my nicest memories, and I would only have been an infant. It was way before my dad went away to Vietnam and South Korea, back to back for a year when I was only about 2, and it is good that I can remember back then so I could remember what he was really like because he was a different person after even though he was in admin duties and not direct combat.

I have many memories of infancy, very young childhood, and one memory of being in the womb and hearing people talking outside the womb, especially my mother talking, her voice was quite clear and could not hear others to well, but I did not really know who she was but I was fine with hearing her. I knew there was a me, and there was at least someone else, so I had a sense of self. I don't remember seeing anything at all in the womb. I did not know or care where I was at the time. I have just read recently that infants are sedated in the womb by sedative hormones that are produced for that purpose in gestation. That is maybe why I was not worried or panicked bout the voice of my mother or about what was going on. But I don't remember actually being born.

I remember taking my first steps with my parents helping me by talking me into letting go of the couch that I was standing and holding on to. I was a bit of a late walker about a year and a half old.

I knew I wasn't alone, I once told my mother how I remember being in the womb, she thought I was nuts, so I haven't talked about it since.
What I remember is opening my eyes, and seeing nothing, just darkness, I could hear voices echoing, it felt warm, SAFE, and peaceful, so I went back to sleep. My next memory, was probably at age 3 or so. Back to that first memory; I must say that I'm using words to describe what I remember. But when the memory was taking place, I did not understand it as such; it was only until I gained enough knowledge to describe what happened to me that I was able to make sense of it.

I also remember the day I was born EXACTLY the same experience as you. I remember being in a warm, peaceful place sleeping and loving, I remember how I was being forced out, and how I was thinking in my mind "oh no!" What's happening! "Please stop!" I totally remember panicking! I brought this up to my brother and he thought I was nuts. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one! it also makes me question about reincarnation...

One of my friends has memories of being in the womb, specifically of her mother trying to abort her. She was conceived in unfavorable conditions which she learned about later, but when she confronted her mother about the attempted abortion as a teenager, the mother became extremely pale as she listened to the memory and confirmed the details my friend remembered. She hadn't disclosed the attempted at home abortion to anyone so there was no denying the memory was real.

I have a lot of early memories, including when I came to consciousness in the womb. It was very strange, because I recall assessing my being there. It was like wondering where I was. The next thing I remember was taking practice breaths, and instinctively knowing I could only take the fluid to the top of my throat. Then I remember feeling hugely confined, and stretching as far as I could with my legs straight. That must've been not long before my birth. Then I remember being born, and it felt like my head was getting totally crushed. I was just about in a panic with it, when I was born and felt complete relief that it was over. But here's the thing that most people don't believe - I could understand language immediately, and I could think in English. As soon as I was born, a nurse took me and weird me in a very cold set of scales, and I was outraged that she didn't put a towel or something on the scales first. After that, my memories are more sketchy, but there are some things I remember we'll, like numerous times being left to cry when I was screaming in pain from (I suppose) gripe. I remember loving my bottle when my grandfather put a little whisky in it to help me sleep. He died when I was less than a year old. I remember biting my grandmother and drawing blood when I was about 9 months because she was doing that stupid high pitched baby talk right in my ear, and I hated that baby talk with a passion. I remember setting fire to an armchair when I was just able to crawl. My mother had left me alone in the living room, with the instruction, 'Don't touch those matches'. How stupid can a person get? She left them within reach. I remember not long after I was born, holding my breath, and then getting into a panic because I couldn't figure out how to let the breath out. And when I did manage to breathe out, I thought, 'I'd better never do that again'. My next major memory is of my mother waking me in the middle of the night when I was two and a half, and giving me a good hiding. She thought I had done something to my newborn sister to make her start screaming. All I could do was shout, 'Why?' It was forty years before she told me why. She still didn't believe me... After that incident, I can remember just about everything.

I used to have nightmares of being squashed by jelly, but being safe, I remember a light, to this day my memory is so fantastic I can remember back when I was in diapers and my mom kicking me around like a soccer ball, I am now 56, and my memory has clear vivid pictures and I can tell you what color my mom's pajamas were when someone tryed to rape her 43 yrs ago..........

I think i can remember too but i think it cant be its impossible, i must of dreamt it..but i remember feeling warm and all i could see was bright pink around me, i remember moving around alot and i could hear my mothers voice but it was echoing. Very strange.

My little boy remembers being inside my womb and he said he felt safe and warm. He doesnt remember being born like I do.

I totally remember being in my mothers womb and I also remember being born!

I have never mentioned this to anyone until one day i was talking with my dad. he said that when i was born my eyes were wide open and i was a very smart baby. all i remember is a feeling of comfort and my eyes wide open but seeing nothing but black. i dont remember my birth though.

My 5 yr old told me the other day out of nowhere that he remembers being in my belly and it was dark and he was looking around scared. Is this possible? I have to say I was freaked when he said it

When I was in the womb I remember being afraid that I wouldnt be ready. I needed more time and desperately needed someone to know that.I was somewhat aware of my surroundings but not afraid of it at all.When I was being born I once again tryed to state that I wasnt ready,but nobody was listening and all hell broke lose,then the freezin cold ,then I passed out .Nuff excitement for one day I .ALL I can say is he is tellin the truth and he will probably tell you some more freaky stuff so get used to It seems to be that people either remember their early childhood,even in the womb, or that people dont remember anything before age 5.I have a brother that is about 10and ahalf months younger than me.He remembers nothing before age 5 ,I remember it all except maybe the first six to nine months but I was told I was very sick the first year,(my parents were told to send for a pastor to give me last rights,didnt think I would make it)so that may have caused me not to remember those times. I have only spoke of these memories in recent years having always been afraid what people would think but thanks to EP I no longer feel that way at all.

I remember being in the womb. For me it was more about feeling and hearing than actual seeing since what I saw was similar to having my eyes open under water. It was dark, warm, and kinda noisy. I have multiple memories or this, but the main one I can prove is a time I heard a song that sounded native american, but never played the right instrument. I was eight years old when I discovered a audio tape recording of my brother's violin lessons (he was 6 at the time and not very good). The song wasn't as muted, and sounded screechy, but I knew it was the same song. My mom who was right next to me was shocked when I started humming along and she told me where the tape was from and that it was recorded when I was only 4 months in womb. All this has made me hate how screechy violins are as well as making me extremely pro-life. To me abortion is murder and I cry every time I hear about women getting abortions.

i have the same memory actualy. exept mine i would explain as a giant expance of black instead of pink. as soon as the light appears half a second maby and everything is blank till christmas at two years old 0.o

I have had a reoccuring dream since childhood (im now 48yo and was adopted as an infant) of being in a dark place, confined and hearing undistinguishable voices...a woman who at times was very comforting but sometimes loud, and a man that always frightened me and i would move and try to get away or make him stop but had no idea of how. <br />
I later found out that my biological mother and her father faught quite a bit about the fact that he wanted her to put me up for adoption. She said that it was a very difficult time in her life and that i was very active in the womb.<br />
I don't care what professionals say, i beleive and always will.

I can remember to no one thinks I did but I did I even herd my Mothers' voice, every one thinks I am crazy

I am 51 now but still have a memory of a recurring dream I would have as a child. It was the sensation of being small and tumbling inside something pinkish and fleshy. This feeling would hit me when I was falling asleep. I have concluded this was a womb memory and am glad to have found others with this experience.

I am also 51 and have been having this same sensation all of my life and it happens right as I am falling asleep. It has totally baffled me until now. I have tried explaining it to a couple of people and they didn't understand and laughed it off. I'm glad to have read your post. At first I thought the only thing it could be was that God was comforting me somehow. I have asked him many times to let me experience it once more because when it happens I feel so completely consumed with peace and totally surrounded by love. I am waiting for my next experience