I Remmember Being In the Womb

I always thought it was weird no one would beleive me so I qiuit mentioning it!

I told my mother and father that I remmember being inside of my mother! they told me noooo way that isnt possible and took me as a jokster!

But I remmember the day I was born only!

I remmember I must of had a mind because I was very aware !thinking just like I do now

but I was in a warm loving bright pink place,,,Im thinking I enjoyed it there very much I know I was peaceful,,,,I can remmembering thinking of wonder and investigation,,,then I saw a bright light shaped as a circle from a distance and it was over my second memory was when I was  3 or 4 years old!

All I can think is babies know alot more than we give them credit for!

I know!

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Everything is possible and I believe you because I am in a similar situation. My situation is that all of absudden I remember a dark place and the beating of a heart. I believe those are memories of when I was inside my mom. Thanks for sharing your story.

I'm NOT alone!!! 43 years later, I know I'm not alone.

when i was sick with a fever when i was very young ,(between 3 to 6 yrs old ) i had this reoccuring dream about being in a strange place where thought and being stood still . i can only remember feeling it was horrible . there were no words to describe it . To this day (I'm now 58 ) i can vividly remember the dream . it haunted me for yrs , and about the age of 28 i realized as in other dreams you recall the past . but at 3 or 4 the past is not that long . i had to been recalling prebirth . these dreams started to stop as i aged but the nightmare is easy to remember . one of the things that made this dream of reality strange , was being some where in time where your thoughts had no connection to words and meaning .

one other thing i have to mention to my previous description was there was sound . hums of low and high quality . it was not a happy place for sure

I also remember being in my mother's womb. It's so crazy to think about now. I had aleays thought it was a dream. I specifically remember asking someone in the soft pink area what color my eyes were going to be. I believe an angel was in there with me. The angel told me that my eyes were brown. The next memory I have is looki g at the hospital wall and wondering why i was seeing all sorts of color and not just brown. It's funny to think back on this memory and how naive i was. My next memory that I remember is when i was just learning to crawl. I used to be babysat by a nice family. I can still remember the house. The mother had an office near the entrance with her name on it. I remember scooting around the living room and someone picking me up and placing me in a crib to take a nap. It's so amazing to hear all of these memories. I had always thought that I was imagining them and now I know that I am not alone!

The way that I think I remember being inside my mom was that it was dark red everywhere and I could see what I would call cells or blood moving all around and there was this blue light or circle that I kept wanting to touch but I could never reach it. I thought that I was supposed to touch it. Then I remember for probably less than a minute a doctor looking at me saying something totally weird and slapping me which caused me to scream and cry. And it was cold too. I remember being put in my mothers arms and just for a moment feeling that bond. Then I remember seeing those beautiful baby colors floating around all over lying in my crib who knows how much later that was. People don't believe me.

Hello I remember to I was lying in something liquidy and squisshy like pink blamanch and mum patting me feeling peaceful I also recalled a song that even now when I hear ken Dodd the river that memory comes flooding back .
Everyone thinks its a joke and I just typed it in hear to see if other people thought it was daft but now I know I was right and unique and we are all part of an exclusive club I am not alone at last I feel grand Sarah green

Hello I remember to I was lying in something liquidy and squisshy like pink blamanch and mum patting me feeling peaceful I also recalled a song that even now when I hear ken Dodd the river that memory comes flooding back .
Everyone thinks its a joke and I just typed it in hear to see if other people thought it was daft but now I know I was right and unique and we are all part of an exclusive club I am not alone at last I feel grand Sarah green

I believe you because I remember being in my mother's womb as well and I even remembered said believe it or not I could see through her eyes there was one instance when she was talking with my father about I think pictures or something and I remember being born and I remember the day after I was born and I can't even remember the nail polish in the color my mother painted her nails I did tell her and they freaked out does everything I said was true

I think I remeber being inside my mothers womb if that sounds crazy. I'm not sure if it was a dream or reality, but I can remeber being in a dark circle and not being able to see anything or know what's going on.

I remember being in My Mothers Womb I remember her putting her hand over me that's the only memory I have of being in the womb. I remember being in a jumper that hung from the Ceiling and Smiling at My Grandpa. I remember going for a walk with my mom I was in the stroller and my bottle fell and my 2nd cousin Brenda picked it up I remember her Butt in front of me. That's all I can remember about my years of an infant.
Your Brain has a Blocker in it it's ment to block out Tramatic Events in your childhood life. Some people remember because they can handle the Event Scientists are doing study's on the child's and Adults Brain to see why our brain blocks out the memory's and why the memories sometimes comes back.

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I do as well. I remember feeling a bone as well as seeing light come through my mother belly.

For all those that have the memories of prebirth, I ask how many remember the transition of being bonded. Meaning you can recall not being in the womb and being sent to the body in the womb or aquiring the body in the womb by means of battle. I am not surprised that somebody can remember having prebirth memories your not the first.

I can remember being in my mother's womb where it was warm and it looked pink when there was light coming through. I don't know if it's real but I remember being told that I was going to a special place, and feeling at peace. Then I remember being squeezed and pushed out. It was scary, but not as scary as when I came out. I was terrified because it was freezing , the lights were so brought and everything was blurry. It felt like forever before they got me wrapped in something warm. Then I remember being given to my mom and feeling warm and comfortable once again.

Steer that I can remember being in my crib crying and getting more and more scared because my mom (who was usually always there when I needed her) didn't come right away.

I also remember being put to bed on my crib with a bottle... But when I drank from the bottle and found out it wasn't milk (it was water) I was so upset I through the bottle and cried cause I really wanted milk.

I also remember being put in the jolly jumper and loving it. My mom was cooking beside me as I jumped and I was so proud of what I was doing, I just wanted my mom to look at me so I could show her my jumping skills lol.

how cold was it? it was so cold ...No seriously it took me the longest time to figure out why I was so cold(freezing like you said)but if you take anyone say on a hot hot summer day with temperatures around 100degrees and then you put them in a cold tub of water around 60degrees ,naked of course,then their gonna scream cause its so friggen cold.And thats what I remember the most it was freezin cold.I remember being in the crib also and wondering what was inside my rattle that made it make noise when I shook it.It was blue and white.I was so disappointed when I awoke from my nap to find my rattle had broken open and didnt work no more and had to accept the fact the I would never ever figure out what was inside it that made it work.UPDATE: I NOW KNOW HOW THEY WORK.LOL.So when kids are in their jolly jumpers or playing with rattles or both ,we know what their thinking.Has anybody put this stuff in RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT ,yet. its all so true.

I'm glad you posted this, for years I have known the experience of being in my mums womb and I remember a dark pink place I was facing to the right and I just remember a voice - no image saying "it's time" and I knew to turn my head downwards. I remember pushing down into darkness until a little light appeared. I think I had a life review when I was born and an angel touched my lip and I forgot everything. I remember being weighed in some high hanging scales, not like the scales nowadays and feeling the cold steel on my bottom. The next memory after that was age 4 at Disneyland. I know this sounds odd - it does to me too, but I know it happened. I think I remember choosing my life out - what was going to happen to me etc and my parents too - that IS weird, but it's in my mind! Perhaps it's a false memory, maybe it's real; all I know is - I'm not kidding.

As a child I would have flashbacks of being in a dark warm confined place.

My 7 yr old son has just blown me away with saying he remembers being in my belly. He described floating around and that it was all bloody on the inside and he could see veins and skin. I asked him if he could hear anything and he said it was really loud like an ocean all the time. He remembers just before he came out saying he felt so sqished and was scared. He mentioned so many things that made me look on google straight away and find out what the hell is going on. I can tell when he's making up a story, but he was so clear and precise with his information, I believe him!!
So freaked out right now.

writergirl23, it's interesting that you describe your family's memory part of the brain as being well developed and can quote other family members with excellent early recall. Although I am the only one of my family with a memory of being in the womb (my own story was posted on here around 2012) one of my sisters remembers the smell of the rain on her pram hood, another sister remembers sitting up in her pram and watching a wedding. Nobody else has such early memories tho, in fact my grown-up nephew's earliest memory is at the grand old age of seven! :)

I am a twin and I also remember 4-5 memories from the womb. I remember playing with my twin, kicking the wall to get a reaction, and being surrounded by yellow black with a beam of light coming from somewhere. I can remember being cramped with my twin and remembering within a memory of a time when it wasnt like that with a huge ?. I don't remember being born because I narrowly avoided dying, but I remember 2-4 hours after that being in the incubator and have numerous baby memories. My twin sister used to remember this too but a health condition wiped it from her. My family's memory part of the brain is well developed, my cousin can remember being born, and a couple more can remember from 2-3 months on. And my brother who has cerebral palsy's memory part of the brain was almost normal at birth.

I have memories, I can only assume was prenatal or maybe pre birth. Nothing is physical, no people, no objects, just a 3 dimensional ocean of constantly morphing geometrical patterns, weird sounds that are accompanied with feelings of old memories, childhood. I have been obsessed with this "other world" every since a certain LSD trip, 20 years ago, that seemed to unlocked the "sealed" memories. To the best of my explanation, this is my theory of the things I saw and what I think it might be. I will use computer metaphors and references to compare to that may help understand my conveyance.

I think I was seeing "source code". Didn't make sense but felt like memories from some other place beyond the confines of our minds. Perhaps it was the code that wrote the code to develop our current psyche. Like DOS self writing windows, once our "operating system" is properly functioning the "DOS" side gets pushed back and is lost. Just like computers, most of us see windows and operate the machine that way, while under all the pretty graphics lies the source code that actually makes things happen. If you look at the code, it makes no sense, just random bits of programming language. I feel the human mind works in a similar way. They say we don't really start recording usable memories until the second year of life. Just pictorial "flash cards". AKA Screenshots of memories. Some of these screenshots I see are of geometric shapes morphing into other shapes. 3D grid patterns like kaleidoscopic animations. These shapes seem to be linked to different memories. Unable to decode them is what makes it hard to put together and intriguing to see more. I can remember what felt like a waiting room, waiting to be born maybe? Surrounded by this code I feel I am remembering what it was like before and during the development of my operating system. Memories from the womb? Memories of pre birth world? Or am I seeing into the spirit world with a live feed? No clue there.

Taking the discussion further, I come to theorize that all living things have a "network" interface that is fire-walled in reverse keeping us inside our heads. Like a global WiFi that everyone in jacked into but doesn't realize it. Once this connection is discovered, it opens to a universe of this same source code. It sends a panic to the depths of my soul while at the same time my curiosity takes off. I have always been into understanding how things work, its to no surprise I try to reverse engineer the psyche. Words can never accurately describe these things and there is so much "out there" I wish I could explain. It's like seeing the boot sequence at birth too, primitive "drivers" loading for motor control, vision, auditory, etc

I wish I could tap into a child's or infant's mind and see the things while its still fresh in their minds. While they still have the "DOS" running in the front of the mind. I could remember these shapes and code as a child flashing through my head, I can see the flash of memory associated with the code. ie at the babysitters, crib, wallpaper patterns by my crib, abstract oil paintings on my parents walls, vacations we took as a child, those codes flashed past my mind then and I can remember some of them now. I could talk forever about the trips to this abstract world. I just wish I could see useful memories like the ones inside the womb, the optical memories.

I think a lot of this has to do with exent or lacl their of of human language. We all have our sub consious memory. Our pre 2 yr old memories including inside mother are stored their as pictures. Around 2 give or take depending on child tradtional verbal starts. Which makes it harder to acesses pictorial memory. This is why generally if you ask 2 yr old they will answer even if it dosen't make a lot of sense were as if you ask a 3 yr old general response is I don't know obviously sometimes their is exception. We all can acess our pictorial memory it just takes effort. I know by intentionally acessing this I remember the womb do I remember by actual birth no simply because I was born in full riggor so I had no thought process till doctors got me back to somewhat ok.words can not do the pictures justice. 7 months in utero is when my twin got tangled in umblica cord and stoped playing with me and turned gray inside our shared pink room. But in no way dose that do what I saw and know justice. I do know I wasn't much of fusser as infant I just wasn't. Also i remember at about 9 months old I had just mastered self standing and I got bright idea to climb out of my crib and daddy being ever observant dad as basically my mother has parenting skills of potato and I might be insulting the potato. He caught me I know descring this in verbal dose no justice. My mother always said I read my first word at 2 no I didn't I reconized the package from commercial that Christmas day I knew by the blue it was my basketball hoop. Dad did take video of it unfourntly still not around. First verbal memory age 3 it can easily be expressed in words irish dance class pony step it was away to loosen up our knees for jumps. And I remember in great detial what the 9yr old did to me in blazer car. I won't go into detials as public.

This is the same expirience I had. It was warm and dark, the only the I knew was that I was there. Then I saw red. Next I was 2 yrs old. Believe it or not, I even remember my conciousness developing. There are people who cannot believe these things. But we've always got our idiots.

I think i remember being in the womb to. I remember being surrounded by a darkish yellow brown light which i guess was the light coming trough my moms stomach. I also remember hearing people talking from the outside and also i remember wanting to get out of this place dark tight space, which is why i think baby's kick maybe. I don't remember birth, but i do have memories of a man doctor's face after birth. When i was 1 or 2 i remember memories of being able to comprehend English and what everyone was saying but not knowing how to speak which i did not like.

I also remember something like that. I don't know how old I was but I was a baby lieing in my crib and my mother and father were standing at the end of my crib talking to each other, but I did no know what they were saying, but I knew somehow that they were communicating with each other, and I wanted so badly to be a part of the interaction. So I started blurting out what I thought would qualify a the kind of talk they were doing, but it was just baby yah yahyah talk,and I aimed it right at them, and they stopped and looked at me with a surprised expression because they realised what I was trying to do. My mother was beaming and saying oohhhh and then some words. Even though I didn't know what the words mean't, I knew from the inflections and tones of the words that she was saying that I was trying to copy them and join in with them. I had achieved my goal. This is one of my nicest memories, and I would only have been an infant. It was way before my dad went away to Vietnam and South Korea, back to back for a year when I was only about 2, and it is good that I can remember back then so I could remember what he was really like because he was a different person after even though he was in admin duties and not direct combat.

I have many memories of infancy, very young childhood, and one memory of being in the womb and hearing people talking outside the womb, especially my mother talking, her voice was quite clear and could not hear others to well, but I did not really know who she was but I was fine with hearing her. I knew there was a me, and there was at least someone else, so I had a sense of self. I don't remember seeing anything at all in the womb. I did not know or care where I was at the time. I have just read recently that infants are sedated in the womb by sedative hormones that are produced for that purpose in gestation. That is maybe why I was not worried or panicked bout the voice of my mother or about what was going on. But I don't remember actually being born.

I remember taking my first steps with my parents helping me by talking me into letting go of the couch that I was standing and holding on to. I was a bit of a late walker about a year and a half old.

I knew I wasn't alone, I once told my mother how I remember being in the womb, she thought I was nuts, so I haven't talked about it since.
What I remember is opening my eyes, and seeing nothing, just darkness, I could hear voices echoing, it felt warm, SAFE, and peaceful, so I went back to sleep. My next memory, was probably at age 3 or so. Back to that first memory; I must say that I'm using words to describe what I remember. But when the memory was taking place, I did not understand it as such; it was only until I gained enough knowledge to describe what happened to me that I was able to make sense of it.

I also remember the day I was born EXACTLY the same experience as you. I remember being in a warm, peaceful place sleeping and loving it...next, I remember how I was being forced out, and how I was thinking in my mind "oh no!" What's happening! "Please stop!" I totally remember panicking! I brought this up to my brother and he thought I was nuts. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one! it also makes me question about reincarnation...

One of my friends has memories of being in the womb, specifically of her mother trying to abort her. She was conceived in unfavorable conditions which she learned about later, but when she confronted her mother about the attempted abortion as a teenager, the mother became extremely pale as she listened to the memory and confirmed the details my friend remembered. She hadn't disclosed the attempted at home abortion to anyone so there was no denying the memory was real.

I have a lot of early memories, including when I came to consciousness in the womb. It was very strange, because I recall assessing my being there. It was like wondering where I was. The next thing I remember was taking practice breaths, and instinctively knowing I could only take the fluid to the top of my throat. Then I remember feeling hugely confined, and stretching as far as I could with my legs straight. That must've been not long before my birth. Then I remember being born, and it felt like my head was getting totally crushed. I was just about in a panic with it, when I was born and felt complete relief that it was over. But here's the thing that most people don't believe - I could understand language immediately, and I could think in English. As soon as I was born, a nurse took me and weird me in a very cold set of scales, and I was outraged that she didn't put a towel or something on the scales first. After that, my memories are more sketchy, but there are some things I remember we'll, like numerous times being left to cry when I was screaming in pain from (I suppose) gripe. I remember loving my bottle when my grandfather put a little whisky in it to help me sleep. He died when I was less than a year old. I remember biting my grandmother and drawing blood when I was about 9 months because she was doing that stupid high pitched baby talk right in my ear, and I hated that baby talk with a passion. I remember setting fire to an armchair when I was just able to crawl. My mother had left me alone in the living room, with the instruction, 'Don't touch those matches'. How stupid can a person get? She left them within reach. I remember not long after I was born, holding my breath, and then getting into a panic because I couldn't figure out how to let the breath out. And when I did manage to breathe out, I thought, 'I'd better never do that again'. My next major memory is of my mother waking me in the middle of the night when I was two and a half, and giving me a good hiding. She thought I had done something to my newborn sister to make her start screaming. All I could do was shout, 'Why?' It was forty years before she told me why. She still didn't believe me... After that incident, I can remember just about everything.

I used to have nightmares of being squashed by jelly, but being safe, I remember a light, to this day my memory is so fantastic I can remember back when I was in diapers and my mom kicking me around like a soccer ball, I am now 56, and my memory has clear vivid pictures and I can tell you what color my mom's pajamas were when someone tryed to rape her 43 yrs ago..........

I think i can remember too but i think it cant be its impossible, i must of dreamt it..but i remember feeling warm and all i could see was bright pink around me, i remember moving around alot and i could hear my mothers voice but it was echoing. Very strange.

My little boy remembers being inside my womb and he said he felt safe and warm. He doesnt remember being born like I do.

I totally remember being in my mothers womb and I also remember being born!

I have never mentioned this to anyone until one day i was talking with my dad. he said that when i was born my eyes were wide open and i was a very smart baby. all i remember is a feeling of comfort and my eyes wide open but seeing nothing but black. i dont remember my birth though.

My 5 yr old told me the other day out of nowhere that he remembers being in my belly and it was dark and he was looking around scared. Is this possible? I have to say I was freaked when he said it

When I was in the womb I remember being afraid that I wouldnt be ready. I needed more time and desperately needed someone to know that.I was somewhat aware of my surroundings but not afraid of it at all.When I was being born I once again tryed to state that I wasnt ready,but nobody was listening and all hell broke lose,then the freezin cold ,then I passed out .Nuff excitement for one day I guess.lol .ALL I can say is he is tellin the truth and he will probably tell you some more freaky stuff so get used to it.lol. It seems to be that people either remember their early childhood,even in the womb, or that people dont remember anything before age 5.I have a brother that is about 10and ahalf months younger than me.He remembers nothing before age 5 ,I remember it all except maybe the first six to nine months but I was told I was very sick the first year,(my parents were told to send for a pastor to give me last rights,didnt think I would make it)so that may have caused me not to remember those times. I have only spoke of these memories in recent years having always been afraid what people would think but thanks to EP I no longer feel that way at all.

I remember being in the womb. For me it was more about feeling and hearing than actual seeing since what I saw was similar to having my eyes open under water. It was dark, warm, and kinda noisy. I have multiple memories or this, but the main one I can prove is a time I heard a song that sounded native american, but never played the right instrument. I was eight years old when I discovered a audio tape recording of my brother's violin lessons (he was 6 at the time and not very good). The song wasn't as muted, and sounded screechy, but I knew it was the same song. My mom who was right next to me was shocked when I started humming along and she told me where the tape was from and that it was recorded when I was only 4 months in womb. All this has made me hate how screechy violins are as well as making me extremely pro-life. To me abortion is murder and I cry every time I hear about women getting abortions.

i have the same memory actualy. exept mine i would explain as a giant expance of black instead of pink. as soon as the light appears half a second maby and everything is blank till christmas at two years old 0.o

I have had a reoccuring dream since childhood (im now 48yo and was adopted as an infant) of being in a dark place, confined and hearing undistinguishable voices...a woman who at times was very comforting but sometimes loud, and a man that always frightened me and i would move and try to get away or make him stop but had no idea of how. <br />
I later found out that my biological mother and her father faught quite a bit about the fact that he wanted her to put me up for adoption. She said that it was a very difficult time in her life and that i was very active in the womb.<br />
I don't care what professionals say, i beleive and always will.

I can remember to no one thinks I did but I did I even herd my Mothers' voice, every one thinks I am crazy

I am 51 now but still have a memory of a recurring dream I would have as a child. It was the sensation of being small and tumbling inside something pinkish and fleshy. This feeling would hit me when I was falling asleep. I have concluded this was a womb memory and am glad to have found others with this experience.

I am also 51 and have been having this same sensation all of my life and it happens right as I am falling asleep. It has totally baffled me until now. I have tried explaining it to a couple of people and they didn't understand and laughed it off. I'm glad to have read your post. At first I thought the only thing it could be was that God was comforting me somehow. I have asked him many times to let me experience it once more because when it happens I feel so completely consumed with peace and totally surrounded by love. I am waiting for my next experience

I remember wen i was inside my mom ,this feeling that i wana to get out so bad i even remember seeing to man drees in white standing by me so many strange this happen to me .

I havent been on in a while,,I just would like to add,,some people beleive that our memories is completion of a dream state,,,however,,there is no sheer proof of that either,,no one knows everything,,,ONE THING WE CAN BE SURE OF THERES<br />
no matter what,,we all are unique in our own ways every ones life and existance differs,,but no one can put a scientific,,exact explanation on anything,,,,because its impossible,,new things are being found everyday and there will be a lt more<br />
being discovered in the future,,thats like my great grandmother saying it will never be possible for cable television,,or xbox 360s.Be open minded,,because thats how you <br />
continue to grow.People will argue this issue,,,like uneducated parents,,and others<br />
but it doesnt matter.The only reason for it because its weird and an oddity to them,,quite understandable.

I believe that I remember being born. This is odd to explain but as a child I had a recurring experience of a memory...but for many years, once I had this experience of the memory, as I tried to recall it, like a dream, it drifted away so I could never quite remember what had just happened. One day though I did, and this was it...the colour was pink, the feeling was 'safe'..then almost immediately after the colour was 'rough' and the feeling was 'panic'. I equate this to some very early memory of my existence, especially as I can really only define it by colour and feeling. I don't get the experience at all now, it stopped when I was about 9 years old.

i remember all of the colours, and the beating next to me, whilst i was inside the womb, and often dream about the light when i first enered the world tinged with red.

If you believe in REINCARNATION, then maybe it will help you answer some of your question (s). As an adult spirit, while the fetus still in the womb before you can get into the womb and reborn again. You were suppose to have your memories and conscience erased, but it in some occasion it doesn't happen. Therefore, you were able to think as an adult and your awareness were still there. It was on the tv according the a person in Indian, He remember being shot in the forehead and he does have a huge birthmark to prove. later more investigation, they were able to find the exact house and the person that died in the house had been shot in the exact location. The person can describe the paint. I do believe that it might be your brain were erased before birth or some people might have such a tramatic event and they were ready to move on. Even after life! Just a my personal believe, as I'm not professional.

@Zenzuma It's funny you should say that I remember hearing voices echo-y and seeing faint light, and the feeling of warm water almost.. up until now I was convinced I was the only one

I can remember being in the womb too, I remember kicking in the womb... I remember being born, I remember a lot from when I was a baby also

I have always remembered being in the womb and noone believes me either. I have no memory of being born tho. I'm a crystal child, is anyone else with womb memories an indigo or crystal child? The way I remember it is everything was dark, and so warm and perfect in temperature, and cozy and soothing like floating in a warm dark bath. I could also hear sounds...kind of echo-y , like being underwater, and heard voices , alittle far away and muffled and echoed, but the whole memory is very comforting and warm and soothing. Until now I thought of it as all dark but I do have abit of recollection of slight colors thru the dark as well now. It's nice to know others have the womb memory, I've never heard of anyone else remembering this b4, only sometimes i hear of the birth memory, which I find funny because I don't remember being born even alittle.

You said,"All I can think is babies know alot more than we give them credit for!"<br />
I think so too!

Okay, what I'm about to say is going to make me sound like the crazy guy who just discussed his assurance of rebirth. I want to preface what I'm about to say with the fact that I am a professor of English literature of sound mind and my entire family believed I was delusional until I provided details that proved my story birth memories accurate.<br />
<br />
When I was first born I couldn't nurse because of problems with my adenoids. I starved for a week and the doctors refuse to give me a bottle in spite of my mother's supplications.<br />
<br />
I was a middle school teacher and the third year of my teaching career I was involved in an extremely traumatic relationship that caused me to lose all control of my students. The students shouting (yes shouting) in my classes and one day the principal overheard it and nearly burst down the door. At this moment I snapped. From this moment forward I became hypersensitive to kids’ screams and this became more and more extreme to the point where sirens, break screeches or even dogs barking caused a severe blood vessel constriction that left me almost incapable of finishing out the school year. <br />
Following this experience, I have spent 14 long, painful years waiting as my body grinds out every anxiety (including extreme problems with acne and an unsightly scar on my neck as a result as a lymphadenopathy) that contributed to the level of tension I experienced. Through this day to day healing process I began remembering more and more of the initial trauma of not being able to nurse. At first my family did not believe me but I was able to describe in detail the apartment we lived in when I was a month old. I also began to realize that because the origin of the anxiety derived from feeling guilty about being bottle fed because it reminded me of my failure to nurse, I could decrease the tension and speed up the healing process by eating less. I would therefore spend the day starving to death and only eat late at night when I couldn’t take it anymore. The problem with this strategy is that it would lead me to indulge on whatever food was most readily available on casual shopping outings…most pernicious among these being chocolate. I became a real chocoholic (not the kind that food sites use as a joke) and began seeking out stores I had never been to before because I was too embarrassed to look familiar store clerks in the eyes who would had started to recognize my addiction). <br />
Realizing I had to stop this I went cold turkey and experienced these extremely painful nights of withdrawal when I felt like a heroin addict craving his fix. Along with these yearnings came even more and more intense memories of the initial trauma and experiences in the womb. I began to remember details even of my mother eating and feeling nourished myself, my mother’s heart beating, the trauma of my mother walking up and down stairs and being jostled around, and even (and this took a while to be certain of) my father *********** while he and my mother were having sex. One day I was in an airport on the same level as the tarmac and I had suddenly had one of these incredibly profound de ja vus. I knew it was associated with a memory of the womb and flying but when I asked my mother, she said that they only time she flew while she was pregnant was five days after the vacation to Switzerland where I was conceived. <br />
On one of these intense flashbacks from chocolate deprivation, I suddenly connected this memory of being in an airport with INTENSE associations with sparks, explosions, and turning on car ignitions. No medical professional nor any of my family will ever believe me and I myself do not know how this is possible… but yes, I remember being conceived!

Rediculously happy I have found this...<br />
In this current body im in now. Yes... I remember my past life, dying and the actual spirit world.<br />
I was shot through blackness at blinding speeds as a spirit when the next thing I know im inside of this pinkish kinda fleshy colored region... Ofcourse I didnt know what pinkish and fleshy or ANY of this even meant then. As soon as I took the husk I retained my memory yet lost my understanding. At age 5 my understanding returned and I have always known my entire life that rebirth is 100% factual yet nobody believes me...<br />
Religion irritates me quite bad because I KNOW for fact that god isnt real.<br />
This entire situation irritates me because I know stuff that people want to see themselves but I simply cant. They have to die themselves AGAIN with proper spiritual power in order to experience it. It makes me really depressed seeing people mourne the dead and diseased etc. when I know that person is going to be reborn in another 1-1000 years...

I remember before being in the womb. I remember that it was pitch dark and i remember seeing a circular glowing light, and hearing a man's voice tell me that I would be a dancer. I also remember the day i was born as well. I was born with 12 fingers and I remember screaming because I was terrified and I remember seeing the doctors remove my fingers with pieces of white string. By the time i was five years old i remember telling my mother that i wanted to be a ballerina and putting my legs up in a ballerina's fashion. I also used to walk on my toes at a very young age as well. All of my couisins remember me walking on my toes. When I was 12 years old, I enrolled in a dance class and my dance instructor told me specifically that i should really pursue dance because my feet where perfectly arch shaped. I always had a love for dance but i never pursued it. And it's funny becuase my sister who is one year younger than I am is the one pursuing dance. She actually went to school for it and teaches it as well. And it's funny becuase when she was four years old she knew she wanted to be a singer. She spent years training her voice in school and singing in church but somehow our gifts have exchanged and i actually love to sing now and she is the one dancing. There is a verse in the Bible that says that God gives us gifts and that we are to use those gifts. When you don't use them he will give them to someone else. That's what has happened in my case. But I am so amazed at God!

Until the age of 6 or 7, I assumed everyone remembered being in the womb. And then one day I saw some playing cards with a pink, swirly, veiny pattern on the back and I remarked to my older brother David that that was it was like in Mom's tummy and I'd hated it as I'd had a headache (the headache was kind of above my eyes and made me feel really sick). To my amazement, he argued nobody could remember being in Mom's tummy and asked my other brother and sister, who were much older than both of us - and to my bafflement they agreed with David! But I KNOW different. I KNOW how intense that awful sick headache felt and how much I hated the dark pink and veiny. I KNOW where I was!<br />
<br />
As a small child, I used to have a recurring dream too where I was all alone, waiting to meet with my Mom and Dad and older brothers and sister and there were benches and a long dark curtain and I think this might have been tied in with before birth. Found out years later that Mom had been five months' pregnant with me when my Gran died so was I remembering the cremation service? (Tho, if I was, I don't remember anyone else in the dream, just a very, very strong "I'm waiting" feeling.) I definitely thought of it as a before birth dream when I was a kid. So I wonder if I was all nice and cosy when maybe Mum became very distressed at the sight of the coffin slipping behind the curtain, hence my memory of an intense sick headache...?<br />
<br />
My next memory is learning to walk, holding on to a couch, and my Mom and auntie being there. I remember quite a few memories around age 2/3, most vivid being at a hospital with my Dad and a nurse tending to my foot. My parents told me I was 2 when I got glass in my foot!<br />
<br />
I stay pretty quiet about my memory of the womb now as I got tired of people saying it was my imagination. Even in work once a group of us were talking about babies and someone said it was impossible to remember before birth and rather than admit I did, I just agreed like everyone else. Maybe a lot more people remember, but stay quiet for fear of ridicule. But I don't understand why anyone claims it's impossible to remember being in the womb. Of course we can!

I can remember being in the womb and hering voices my next. Ememory is being born then put on a metals s Alex on a wall thinking so this is where I am another memory is from being vey tiny and. Dad giving. E to my my mum to latch on and breast feed and me thinking it was strange. I alway thought I was strange remembering these thought and now be<br />
I'd've in being reborn into another life

i don't like to talk to anyone about my early memories because i don't think they will believe me but, in my first memory, i was too small to feel the walls. it was dark and warm. at that time it was very comfortable and peaceful. it was also familiar, so i know it wasn't the beginning of awareness. my second memory, i was uncomfortable and i instinctively moved (i'm sure i wasn't able to move consciously, because i couldn't after birth.). it was the 1st time i was aware of the walls. they were alittle snug, but it was ok because i was able to get comfortable quick enough and went back to sleep, i suppose. i was able to form an opinion at this point, because i didn't like being uncomfortable, and felt eased when i settled again. the next one it so tight and uncomfortable in there, it was difficult to be comfortable in any position. i was becoming thoughtful at this point. the last one before i saw light for the first time, i was in a place where it was so tight there was no room for movement, and it was painful. i didn't like it at all! on some level, i knew i wasn't where i had been before, and was desparately trying to will my way back to that place and for the pain to stop. i was very upset . the next thing i knew, i was cold and crying, and when i opened my eyes for the first time, there were bright lights and a handful of faces looking down at me and it was noisy. i was intrigued, curious terrified and confused. i still wanted to go back, because i was cold and uncomfortable. i wondered why i had opened my eyes then, and why i hadn't before, and if all these thing i was seeing were always there, but i just didn't know it because i never opened my eyes to look. someone eventually wrapped me up tight and i was warm. it was different but somewhat familiar, because it felt similar to the womb. then, they put me down and i felt paniced because i understood that things were going to work differently now, and i didn't have a clue about it. when this person was holding me, i felt safe and thought everything was back to the way it had always been, and was supposed to be, but when they put me down, i thought all the pain and discomfort was going to come back, and i didn't know how to get that person to pick me up again. i knew there were other babys around me because they were wrpped up tight in blankets too and i could see them out of the corner of my eyes and when my head moved. i also heard a couple of them. i took a knew kid on the block approach and decided to try to learn how it was supposed to work from them. i never did quite figure out how they knew when it was time to eat or be held, but i followed their lead. if they goy noisy, thats what i was supposed to do to, and when they quieted down, well then it was time to watch the window to see if any of the moving figures would stop and look in at us. :) i liked that alot. i think the 1st one i saw might have been my dad but i'm not sure. i remember meeting my mom for a feeding. i didn't know what to make of her at first because she wasn't dressed like the people who took care of me and i didn't like that, but i was hungry and she fed me when the others wouldn't come over, so i decided she was ok. i also remember an incubator, where there was a baby for a short period of time. when i saw them in there and the people put there arms in the glove things. i wanted to be there to. i thought it might be fun to be inside of it and even more fun to make those gloves work, but i didn't know how i would accomplish it since i didn't quite know how to make my arms work yet. i was starting to get a hang on kicking my legs though. that was fun. i also remeber a lady who might have been a doctor (she was wearing what looked like a short lab coat.) she came in and went to a table or desk to the left, that was against the wall of the aisle above my head and did something briefly. i think it had something to do with a chart. there was a little lamp that was lit on the table. i thought she would stop and talk to me like the others did when i was awake. but she didn't seem to notice me at all.I also remember arriving at home for the first time. i was very anxious about it, because although i recognized her, i didn't reallly know my mother and didn't recognizer my father at all, even though he was nice. i was in some sort of car seart or something when mom put me down and there were a dozen or less people in the house with us, besides my immediate family. there was a shelf or mantle mounted to the wall in front of me, that might have been nearly level with dads armpit and i think there were decorations or something on it.i think the door out was to my right and there was an enterance into another room to my left. i couldn't actually see the enterance or the room, but i was fascinated with the people disappearing when they went over there only to reappear a few minutes later. i didn't like the door on my right because people didn't come back. its possible that i'm getting this next one confused with a later date (wouldn't be the first time) but i think it was was same day i came home. there were 3 children hovering over me (my siblings), and one of them held a took out to me. i got excited and started kicking because i knew it was for me. i knew if i wanted it, i was going to have to try to use my arms for the first time, which was an interesting experience. i realized at that point that i always held them to me chest just below my chin because it was comfortable, but didn't understand why i'd never tried to move them from there deliberately.i reached with my right hand and it jerked outward twice and i knew that didn't feel right and it wasn't getting me that toy. the toy was directly in from of me so my arms should have felt the same sensation as when it was on my chest, so i pulled it back in (this i knew how to do with ease)and tried again, this time i focused on keeping that sensation and got the toy. for the life of me, i don't know how i held onto it. it felt heavy in my fingers and like it was slipping. i tried really hard to keep a grip on it, since grabbing was new to me.i got it back to my chest and guided it toward my left hand so i could grab it and not lose it. i was a happy baby. :) i have more memories of the first 3 years of my life (plus what i'm guessing were my 2nd and 3rd trimester) than i do of the next 40 years combined. i have a friend who is also a christian counsellor/therapist whom i asked about it, (to make sure i haven't gone completely daft). she explained that we have 2 memory centers in our brain. the one we normally use and the one where early, normally unretrievable memories are stored. because i have a diagnosis of intractible epilepsy, i asked if it could have strengthened the part with the early memories and made them accessable. she agreed that it was possible, and said that the reason i probably remember the ones i do is because i experienced strong emotions at those times. so there you have from a trained professional, your memories may very well be real.

My mother found this site and told me about it after I shared my experience with her just last week. Up until last week the earliest memories that I could ever recall were in my crib and watching the mobile above me, pink and blue checkered paper like animals, and eating scrambled eggs in my highchair. But last week I was laying in bed. It was morning and I just woke up. I had my eyes closed but I was not asleep because I heard my husbands car leave the driveway as he left for work.As I laid there I remember thinking how quiet the room was and how warm the bed was. Maybe that is what triggered the memory. And it was most definetely a memory.. its like when you take a test at school and you can remember the answer. It was like that. Anyway...What my memory is,is just simple exsistance...conciousness, but not really thought process. I wasn't thinking about anything....only KNOWING I WAS. It was mostly dark all around me, but a slight reddish glow in front of me with branches like a tree in winter. I knew I was a part of something else that was alive. I knew that my back was to it and that I was facing outward and a little to the right side. I knew that the being that I was inside of had conciousness that was above my own head but not below me and that I was in the middle her yet I did not think of her as mother or have or feel love like I do now. I also had a sense of others outside and that I was hidden from them. I knew that they could not see me but I knew they were there.I did not have any thoughts about them or anything else...only just a simple, quiet state of being. It is amazing but the memory was very short even though it contained all of this information. I tried really hard to remember more but I just can't. It also seems really weird to me that for the most part I have a lousy memory and have never done well on tests and stuff so I don't understand how I could have this memory ? ???

my daughter which is 23 says shes remembers very clearly being inside my womb and i believe her but i was wondering is if a child experinces that kind memory can they be a indigo child

I can remember being poked all the time then following some screams and moans.... lol J/k I am intrigued.. I completely believe all of you, even though it seems weird. I do remember some things as a 1 to 2 year old.

I told my sister that I had memories of before I was born and no one believes me. All I remember was like a orange/peach colored glow and suddenly feeling that something was wrong, i heard murmuring sounds and I could tell that it was my parents arguing I remember feeling nervous because I didn't like the way my parents were talking, it scared me. I don't think it matters how old you are, if something makes an impression on you I think that its completely possible to recall memories of it. I think the human brain is more complicated than just "facts" of what it can or cannot do.

Oh wow. I'm so glad to read about all of your experiences. I thought I was insane for feeling that I had memories from before my birth!<br />
<br />
I had mentioned to my boyfriend just this evening about hearing certain songs, and having very peculiar reactions to them. Specific fragments of classical music (my mother listened to classical music exclusively while I was in the womb) have triggered this deep... almost physical reaction in me before. I don't know how to describe it. I guess the closest way I'll ever get to describing the sensation is... it feels like microscopic pieces buried deep, deep inside of me are being scraped out from my marrow. <br />
<br />
The first time I became cognizant of these 'memories' was when I was 11 years old and watching 'Amadeus' for the first time. As soon as the Queen of the Night aria (from The Magic Flute) began, I was struck with this jarring sensation. I don't know why or how, but I *knew* the aria intimately and instinctively. <br />
<br />
When I mentioned this to my parents they both seemed skeptical, though they both acknowledge that I remember details from before my first birthday accurately (such as specific clothing they used to wear, the neighbors, the layout of my parents' first apartment). This same thing has happened with a number of classical pieces in my life. Specific parts of the melody will trigger this deep, almost primordial reaction from within me. Of course, I have always been hesitant to admit this to people because it makes me sound like a madwoman. <br />
<br />
Reading through everyone's experiences makes me wonder if maybe glimmers of memories as an infant is the reason why I had such inexplicable nightmares as a young child. I used to (and still do, though much, much less frequently) have nightmares about being laid down on a undulating surface of black, where waves and waves of deeper black threatened to crash over me. I also used to have nightmares about these tall dark figures looming over me while I was spread on my back, helpless and unable to do anything. Looking back now, it seems like those nightmares might have been triggered by fragmented memories from the crib.

Damn. I Just mentioned this the other day to a friend. Not the first time that I was told that I was crazy.<br />
I can still remember the discomfort that I felt when my mother was having what I think must have been contractions. I had to roll around to find a comfortable spot where I did not feel squashed. The energy I excerted, put me to sleep. When I woke I found myself In a massive panic. Something had to happen. I could hear commotion that added to my anxiety. I then felt some relief In the pressure. I feel then I momentarily went into shock. Pondering it, I concluded that this was to protect me going through the birth canal.<br />
The moment that I was clear, it was very evident to me I felt relief. I swallowed cleared my own throat. Dr. Scalla (not sure of the spelling), did not realize this. The *** turned me upside down and spanked me more that once. I had to start crying in order for him to stop. He then handed me to my mother.<br />
I can still feel the orientation of the room. The doctor had this nurse running circles like she could not do things fast enough. There were also two other nurses in the room that must have been in training. They had stared a little to long for the doctor. His exact words were (OK we are done now!). There was so much degregation in his voice that I felt bad for the two. they scuryed away. I felt what an erogant ***. Lovely my first immpression of breathing world, an ***.( might be a pun there.) lol<br />
It is somewhat a relief to find this site. I can't express what I feel when people question what I can tell them I remember. They would be much the wiser to be a little more open minded. Some just need to get off their high horse and do what they like best.<br />
<br />
I have more about the whomb. Like it was said never under estimate a new life. You will learn from it.

Well I found out I love the 80´s. BUt I believed my mom listen to a lot of 80´s music while I was developing. Any ideas that my helped me solve this paradox?

Well I found out I love the 80´s. BUt I believed my mom listen to a lot of 80´s music while I was developing. Any ideas that my helped me solve this paradox?

Same here. Except it was peach colored. Also, I could remember thinking that I was hungry, without even feeling it! And then I remember somehow knowing that it was carrots! My mom's friends always asked if she ate a lot of carrots, since my hair is really black, and my mom says yes! I think there is some kind of correlation.

Hi this is amazing. I wander if anyone can help me please, I am writing a story ba<x>sed on the idea of memories in the womb and being able to remember being born and memories of early childhood (I can't but find the idea fascinating) and I want to know if people have memories of the actual birth - what it felt like, emotions, visuals etc.................... any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

I know that I remember being born by a recurring dream I would have as a young child. The dream consisted of uncomfortable physical feelings and colours and seeing things that I couldn't give a name to. My body felt that it was being squashed really tightly over and over again and then there would be a sense of relief/release into a place of colour and light. I would then wake up distressed. I used to dislike this dream so much and would tell my mother that I had "that dream" again. She comforted me and said not to worry and it was just a bad dream and would go away eventually. The dream did go away as I grew up but I always remembered that one as being so strange and unfathomable and always hard to describe. I told my husband about the dream. When I was pregnant with my first son - I had a normal delivery in hospital and when I started on the final contractions in the last half hour and just as the bearing down feelings start - I felt my son move inside me - kicking his feet at the top of my stomach. I said to my husband - the baby wants to come out now - then the feelings of the dream came straight back to me and I said to my husband. You know that strange recurring dream I used to have with the squashing feelings and the colours and no names for everything. I know what it was about now. In my dream my mind was recalling being born! The dream then made complete sense to me - I had my answer.

No i remember flashed of being held by my grandmother and then being taken away and there where lots of bright lights... thats all i remeber until about age 4 its all just flashes when maybe i see a picture or a word that gives me a small flash of a memory... I belive you can remember stuff like this kuz i for sure know i didnt see anything else kuz i talked with my grandmother and she remebers holding me in the same room as i remebered.. its possible...

It is impossible to remeber before you were about 3 years old, because the part of your brain that is responsible for long term memory is not fully developed yet. It is called childhood amnesia, some children have access to these memories when they are still young, but it is forgotten as they progress into adulthood.<br />
It is probably just a vivid dream or something that appears to be a memory.

I remember being able to think in the womb, like an adult. I know I thought, not exactly but still close, "This is comfortable" then I thought "It is time" like someone told me to say it. Heavenly darkness, then bang, light, voices, all that stuff. Then I skipped to 1 year old with me being held up in my blue crib. But somehow I can fuzzily remember before thinking like an adult. THIS IS REAL TOO!<br />
I remember being in a bed, a white bed with a matress, laying down in an almost prison like room without bars, empty, yet the walls were stained. And it seemed like loved ones were around me and I think I asked someone not there in the darkness to give me the best in the afterlife. I asked my parents about it when I was 3, yet my parents thought I was only dreaming the night before, yet I knew that I remembered it all my life. I AM NOT FAKING

My baby is turning 4 in june and since she started to talk she would explain how she slept in my tummy and that the ligths was of in my tummy most of the time and she can also remember us bringing her home .So yes i do belive what you say is true.

I have vague memories of my childhood but I remember the sensation of being alive in my mother's womb. I remember it being very dark and it was very quiet, however it only felt like I was in there for a couple of hours. I remember not really being able to see anything and then suddenly it seemed like there light or something. After the that, the earliest memoey I have is when my mother gave me a brown teddy bear, which I still have, when I was 3 years old. To this day I can still remember that sensation or feeling of being in that dark space. It's something that I've never been able to forget.

all of you lot can remember early times !!<br />
i can only remember being 3 :( !!!!!!!!!!

yes, yes, yes! I've know this for ages. I've never ever mentioned it to anyone; I supposed I would get a reply like, "You're kidding, right?" Nobody can believe me, but I remember being in the womb nad coming out. <br />
<br />
My experience was that I recall the motion and how comfortable it was, but when my mother stopped moving, I was totally uncomfortable and too too hot. I hated that feeling. To this day I still do.<br />
<br />
I recall one more thing though. I was not alone in my mother's womb, but there is only me here.

I can't believe I'm not alone!<br />
<br />
I don't remember being born but I do remember being inside the womb. Nobody believes me but I swear it's true! I remember it being dark and it didn't feel like I was in there very long. It felt like a day or maybe even a couple hours. Sometimes I even heard my mom's voice. Clearly I didn't know what she was saying. And the next thing I remember is a couple months later when I was learning to crawl. I always thought this was strange and so did everyone else, but thank goodness I'm not the only one.

I am so HAPPY there is such a place that I can voice my experience. However it is too long and detailed. ALL TRUE I remember before the womb, entering the womb and being born. I had asked my mother as a toddler if she was going to be my mother when I grow up and this made my mother do research. I told her detail as if she would share in her experience only to find she or any one else had no Idea or why I would say and ask such questions as I had as a child. I am looking for others who have experienced the same and share in our experience. <br />
Please write me at myfriends3804@yahoo.com. PLEASE BE REAL , I AM and longing to speak to others.<br />

I remember a sensation, a feeling of being tiny, a fetus, in fetal position. Tiny - in space, safe. A sensation, is all I can say. I haven't had the feeling in many years, but I used to. It is impossible to put in words, but Ii believe I remember being a fetus. Weird, I know. Next memory is being a baby, maybe 1 1/2 or 2, in my crib which was in my parents bedroom. We lived in a big old farmhouse, lots of kids, and I remember looking across the room at the sewing machine. My mom kept a box of rags to make rag rugs with. I remember crying because I thought they looked like they were moving, I guess if I had known the word, I would say like snakes. And I was crying, and noone came for awhile. Then I rremember going to the VA hospital when I was abougt 4 years old with my Dad. He was a WW II vet. I remember having lunch there. I remember Kindergarten and our really cool room, but being painfully shy. Those are some of my earliest memories. Seems like big chunks of my life I cannot remember, like 4th to 8th grade or so, not much comes back from then!

I too remember the day I was born. It was 1970. I remember the people in the room were all wearing green scrubs and actually had green surgical masks on as well. I remember feeling cold and I remember the smack on the butt. I remember my mother laying there exhausted. I remember being put into the warm light. The next memory I have I was in a stroller in a park. I remember kids playing and all the busy park sounds. There was a tree that my mother had pushed me next to. I remember the texture of the tree. Then I remember seeing my mom park the stroller in front of another baby. She talked to the other baby's mom and I remember she was wearing a red and white vertically striped shirt with a collar and it was short sleeved. It had a zipper in front with a little metal piece to pull it up attached to the end. I remember almost all of my childhood very vividly and in color. I too stopped telling people what I remember because most refuse to accept the possibility. My mother believes me because I can accurately recall things that she knows I wouldn't know otherwise. I am glad that I am not the only one out there like this. Now what? What does this all mean? I feel that it is significant that I remember back that far but I have never been able to figure out why..

I remember being in the womb but my experience was being in a tight space crowded in by all these ob<x>jects pushing on me, I believe it was long before I was born.

I glad that i founf this website also. I can remember that I was in my mother's womb and she was crying and event though I wasn't born I asked her why are you crying and she didn't say anything. I can also remember the place that she was at when she was crying and what she had on. I also saw a couple there and the couple was my fathers friends. I kept that experience in my mind for years and it is very vivid until this day. I did tell my mother about that memory and I dont think she was aware of what i was asking her. But later I put the pieces of the puzzle together. It was her wedding day and my dad took her over to his friends house and while they were getting out of the car she his friend took a picture of her and she was crying of joy. She was happy to be married and to have a child.

im really glad i found this site too, everyones experiences are unique, some things i totally recognise though as well, is really cool, i remember bing born too and lots of very early memories

I also remember first 30 min - 1 hour of my life. I remember how I was taken away from my mom and what doctors did with me. i remember the interior of the room and some other details. My mom later told me one more thing: when I started to speak I said that I knew what she was thinking about when she saw me first time. She was in a deep shock when I said that she was thinking about my nose and how big it was. It was the truth. So I was able to read her mind at that moment. Crazy!

Me to, But I can only remember being born, like I remember it was Dark then then seeing a triangular light, then bright lights,people also think i'm crazy when i tell them that.

wow...I'm not alone!!!<br />
<br />
Cool...you saw colors! that's cool..maybe I did but that part I can't remember...or what if I never thought of opening my eyes and you guys did!!! <br />
<br />
Like you had your eyes open and if your mom was sitting in sunlight in a swimming suit, you might have seen colors much like when you put a bright light close to your eyes when your eyes are closed, you see colors on the inside of your eye lids...you saw the colors on the inside of your moms belly??? Can bright light penetrate the mother's belly?? Or maybe there's some totally other scientific explaination. <br />
<br />
How old are you guys? I'm 42...so back in 1966, there wasn't as many medical gadgets, but now what kind of gadget do they have that they use on pregnant women that might explain seeing colors?<br />
<br />
Did you ever see the movie "Jack" with Robin Williams? The beginning of that movie is like watching birth from the baby's perspective and they had cameras and machines that had lights and stuff too..could be the source of the colors...<br />
<br />
...I think that's cool..I'm so glad I found this sight and started this story.

I believe you! Mine was slightly different though. I remember blackness and than a ton of colors ( like a fuzzy TV) then light. Next I remember my crib and even described it to my mother last year, she was shocked that I knew what it looked like, what room it was in, and what wall it was on. I could also tell her about the first toy I was given as an infant. I can remember being 1, 2 , 3, 4, years old and so on. No one really believes me, only my mother does. ( she didnt until I told her about the toy, and because I could discribe the crib in perfect detail) :)<br />
P.s and yes, while you are in the womb.. you DO think like an adult. I did just without words. I remember studying what I was seeing with my eyes, which is probebly why I can remember everything. I am even so still a very examinate person with a very pictoral mind.