My Lovely Twins.

I do remember the children they were and now young adults.

Childhood  was very interesting just like the days they were born.

As the title says just like yesterday.....

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Thanks all !

Thank you all. God Bless you all for commenting........

So know that feelings that you are having CJ... My 4 kids are all growing up and I remember each of their births and how I was there with them. Great memories, even the bad parts...

And you got twice the amount of fond memories, CJ! YOu lucky Dad! ;D Coarse, you got twice the diaper duty too! heehehehe

It's crazy how time flies! I know exactly what you mean about it seeming just like yesterday!!

So blessed some people never get to live this,with one child .two :)..! Thank you for the lovely story!Circle of life is amazing!

It is amazing how clear and close those memories can be.<br />
<br />
I see my little daughter playing in a mud hole like it is today, thats 24 years ago.<br />
<br />
hope those memories don't ever fall to the darkening of the mind as we grow old.