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I first wore high heels about ten years ago, when I was barely in my twenties. It was at a wedding and needless to say, I didn't spend the time walking around. I was so awkward it wasn't even remotely funny.

One of my many aunts says that she feels somewhat weird if she's walking in flats. "Like there is something wrong." And I just couldn't get my head around the idea.

But then later I got into wearing boots. High heeled ones. And sure enough I started feeling less dressed up when I wore flats. It didn't take me long to start wearing high heels shoes and sandals, either.

Living in a city I do, where half your life is spent on the road and endlessly trying to catch buses, it wasn't long until I could run in those boots; later even hopping into a running bus in them.

That is probably why I am not that impressed by James Bond movies. I mean, all those running and jumping and climbing... it's daily routine to me. Ha.

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Its more impressive to run in mud in heels even if not at full speed.

Aaaand here comes the Bond guy himself, teehee..!

Miss June - our own Bond Girl.<br />
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very impressive. heheheee

I've worked retail before but never had to wear heels. I tried once with my boots but maaaaan.. I was off them after only a couple of hours. Kudos to you, S!<br />
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Nowadays when I see those sale staff looking sulky and not smiling at the back office, I let them be. I whip them up to smile on the selling floor but back at the locker, all ex<x>pressions are fair!

my second job when I left school was ai a department store in Melbourne, Foys shoe dept... you had to wear high heels until lunch time, then you could change to smart cxasuals. You would not believe how many pairs of stockings you could go through. usually it was the knee's that would pop through bending down to measure the sizes , and then standing on the tram going home because your knees would show under your skirt if you sat....LMAO.

LOL, JMO. That was why even Bond wear no-heels shoes!<br />
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Wetshoe, mud slows me down :)

but can you run in heels in the mud?