Love? At First Sight? No It Can't Happen... Maybe It Can

School is where you meet new people growing up. Growing up no boy noticed me because I go to a K-12 school. You grow up together and see how people go through the change of growing up. I was like the boys. I was very tomboyish so guys at my school didn't like me because of that. When we get new students they usually addapt into the 'popular' groups, but I knew Jacob was differant once I saw him. He looked so handsom and charming to me. I knew that once I saw him things would change wheither they be good or bad. He saw me as well. Whe it comes to boys I dont know I'm very shy so I didn't say anything when he sat behind me. He just kept looking at me was what my friends told me once we were in the hall way. He was also in my next class so he sat close to me again. He asked for my name and we just started talking about anything and everything. My heart knew I was in love with him before my brain could redgister the possiabilty that he could be in love with me too. Love at fist sight is very much real. I believe in it :)
crysbluemoon93 crysbluemoon93
18-21, F
May 23, 2012