It runs in the family. I used to go to classes for mediumship development but don't do mediumship anymore. I still can see, sense, sometimes hear them and communicate with them.I also sometimes communicate with spirit guides.

I have deceased relatives visit often, especially at night when they frequent the living room.I've been tapped, spoken to (Told to "Go to bed, its late" by my great gran) and seen forms and apparitions.

It doesn't scare me because i know they are around me because they love me. It is really sweet and comforting.

I am still skeptical and don't attribute everything to them.Got to be rational about everything, even if you believe something.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

I was born with it too. Until you get use to it, it feels frightening and creepy. But once you get over the horror movie crap, you see a lot of good can come of it. It is not such an unnatural thing. I still often feel resentful when I am approached sometimes by one. I would like sometimes not to be reachable.

That is very true. At first, it can be "scary". Too many people think ghosts are like the ones in horror films. The resentment i can also appreciate. It can be disruptive at times. The biggest issue for me is when i'm in a crowded room and pick up on all the energies.